Rat King

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Rat King
Rat king icon1.png
Season 1
Type Sidearm
Slot Kinetic
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Kinetic
Description We are small, but we are legion.
Impact 49
Range 30
Stability 40
Handling 40
Reload Speed 40
Rounds Per Minute 300
Magazine 15
Zoom 12
Inventory Size 80
Aim Assistance 60
Airborne Effectiveness 31
Recoil 80
Bounce Intensity 20
Bounce Direction Tends Right
Exotic Archive at the Tower
Rat King's Crew icon.jpg Rat King's Crew
Not available anymore.
Exotic Archive icon.png Monument to Lost Lights
Red War Exotics.
Rat King PvP Stats
Optimal Time-to-Kill 1.00s
Optimal Kill 3 crit 3 body
Body Shot Time-to-Kill 1.20s
Body Shots to Kill 7 body
Crit Damage 38
Body Damage 29

Rat King is an Exotic Sidearm.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Rat Pack icon.png Rat Pack — Fires full auto. Nearby Rat Kings increase strength.


  • Smallbore icon1.png Smallbore - Dual strength barrel.
    • Increases Range.
    • Increases Stability.


  • Tactical mag icon1.png Tactical Mag - This weapon has multiple tactical improvements.
    • Slightly increases Stability.
    • Slightly increases Reload Speed.
    • Slightly increases magazine size.


  • Vermin icon.png Vermin — Reloading immediately after a kill grants a brief period of invisibility.


  • Smooth Grip icon.png Smooth Grip — This weapon is slightly easier to hold and aim.
    • Slightly increases stability.
    • Slightly increases handling speed.


  • Infestation icon.png Infestation — Improved aim assist and recoil direction. Refreshes health on Vermin invisibility trigger.

Rat King Catalyst can be obtained by completing Nightfall strikes. Its upgrade is unlocked by defeating enemies with this weapon. Kills by fireteam members also using Rat King will give additional progress.[1]

The Catalyst increases this weapon's Aim Assistance and Recoil Direction. It also adds the Infestation perk to this weapon and Masterworks it.



The stories are passed from child to child, whispered in the streets and on the playground like any good legend. "Don't ever venture beyond the wall and sight of the Tower," parents warn, citing these cautionary tales that speak of the boy's many deaths. Exposure. Hunger. Sickness. Cutthroats. Living nightmares. And on. And on. The children, however, have their own truths. To them, the boy never died. They call him the Rat King. The children believe he leads the forgotten among them out of the City on grand adventures. They say he and his misfit army saved the world. But children say many things, and the Vanguard maintains their official stance: there is no Rat King and his army never existed. That's what the elders believe. I choose to believe otherwise.


Rat King1.jpg

Weapon Ornaments

Patch History

  • 6.3.0[2]
    • Radius required to activate its perk increased from 15m to 20m.
  • 2.2.1[4]
    • Fixed an issue where Rat King was incorrectly granting ammo to alternate weapons
  • 1.2.0[6]
    • Enhanced the total stat benefits of running with a pack
    • Benefits are front-loaded; there are now larger damage benefits when two people equip the Exotic, with slight damage increases for each additional player
    • The Rat Pack perk can now activate and stack while Rat King is stowed
    • Added HUD notification text for when the Rat Pack perk is active
    • Increased ammo inventory
    • Added full auto


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