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Vault npc.png
Name Vault
Title Terminal
Location The Tower

The Vault is a terminal which allows players to store their items and share them between characters on the same account.


There are three locations with Vault terminals in Destiny 2.

  • The Tower — in the western part of the Tower Courtyard, on a wall in front of Banshee-44's shop.
  • The Farm — there are two terminals near the fountain.
  • The Tribute Hall — located in the entrance, but has to be unlocked by placing the Vault Tribute, which can be bought from the Visage of Calus.
  • H.E.L.M. — in the main room.


The Vault has a capacity of 500 items or item stacks, and this storage is shared across all characters on a single account. When interacting with a terminal, the player sees a list of stored items, they can take them out of the Vault or dismantle. Opening the character screen or the inventory while interacting with the Vault allows the player to store their items.

Items that can be stored include Weapons, Armor, Ghost Shells, Sparrows, Ships, Transmat Effects, Ornaments, Shaders, most consumables.

Items that cannot be stored include Glimmer, Legendary Shards, Bright Dust, Silver, Engrams, Emblems, Emotes, Finishers, Clan Banner, Seasonal Artifact, and Weapons and Armor that are currently equipped on the character.


  • It is possible to move items between characters through the Vault without directly visiting it by using the official Destiny Companion App, or third party apps like Destiny Item Manager or Destiny Checklist.

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