Visage of Calus

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Visage of Calus
Tribute Hall.jpg
Name Visage of Calus
Title Golden Idol
Location The Tribute Hall
Description A magnificent statue of Calus, generously placed here for worthy creatures to kneel before.

Visage of Calus is the vendor of the Tribute Hall.


The Visage of Calus is located in the entrance of the Tribute Hall. Its interaction prompt appears when the player is standing several steps away from the statue.


The statue sells tributes for the Tribute Hall. Its prices can be reduced by turning in Boons of Opulence, which can be obtained by completing Calus' bounties. The player can receive only 4 Boons per day, accountwide. Each Boon reduces the Tribute prices by 1% and the maximum discount is 80%.


Calus offers four daily bounties.


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