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The Reservoir, where players will hunt the Emissaries

Harbinger is an activity introduced as part of the Bird of Prey mission during Season of the Hunt which allows players to obtain a re-rolled Hawkmoon as well as obtain its Catalyst.


In order to access Harbinger, players must first obtain Hawkmoon. Players will head to Trostland in EDZ and complete various steps in order to obtain various rewards, including random rolled Hawkmoons, the Hawkmoon Catalyst, Feather of Light and Triumph rewards for completing challenges.

Once players have obtained Hawkmoon, they can head to Trostland and head to a partially destroyed building past the church. Inside, players will find a fireplace that they must shoot with Hawkmoon to reveal a hidden passage. Moving through, players can activate the mission inside, then follow a path to the outside.



Players will look for the Taken Hobgoblin firing at them and take it out. They can then jump to where it was standing. From there, players are looking for a platform covered in moss to jump to lower down on the wall.

Further down, players can jump to a fallen tree, then to the dam. Players will have to complete a jumping puzzle across the dam to a slope they can climb up. Climb up the wall and jump to the platform.

Players can then move across the platform and leap into a hole. Inside this pathway, players can move along to a room with the Emissaries in it. Each Emissary has a shield of a different element, so bringing a weapon that can break each shield is recommended.


During the fight, whichever Emissary players are fighting will flee when it reaches half health. It will flee down a corridor and erect a barrier, which players must destroy to follow the Emissary to finish it off. Repeat this step for the remaining two Emissaries. Following this, a section of the dam will open.

After defeating the final Emissary, a gold hawk will appear that players must follow. Taken orb will spawn that must be used to destroy Taken Blight blocking the door. Once the door is destroyed, they will move into an arena.


Within the arena, players will be pitted against several Taken, in waves, starting with Thralls and Wizards, then Centurians, Vandals and Unstoppable Champions, then a wave comprising all these enemies and two Taken Captains. Players will need to break shields again in this fight. Unlike other fights in this mission, players need to survive the entire encounter without dying.

Once the Emissaries are defeated, players can follow the hawk to another platforming section, which is the same from the original Hawkmoon quest. Players must move through this section and reach the Shard of the Traveler. This area is where players will fight the boss of the quest.


The boss, Akorith, Lightdrinker of Savathun will spawn various waves of enemies throughout the fight. When the boss has reached roughly 65% HP, it will escape and send enemies after players. The enemies that spawn are quite strong, so taking cover near the entrance to the area is a good idea. After the enemies are defeated, the boss will return, and the fight will resume and repeat until the boss is defeated.


After defeating the boss, players will earn the Hawkmoon Catalyst and a Hawkmoon with randomized stats, as well as Paracausal Feathers.

Paracausal Feathers

If players have picked up the Bird of Prey quest, then throughout the Emissary section and the second platforming section, players will be able to find five Paracausal Feathers in different locations based on a weekly rotation. Once players obtain 100 feathers, they can be traded to the hawk for the Radiant Accipiter ship.