The Crow

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The Crow
The Crow.png
Name The Crow
Title Spider's Enforcer (Season of the Hunt)
Freelance Lightbearer
Race Awoken
Gender Male
Location H.E.L.M.
Description The amnesiac Lightbearer once known as Prince Uldren Sov of the Reef.

The Crow is a Freelance Lightbearer and the vendor of the Season of the Hunt.


The Crow can be found in two different locations:


Crow accepts tokens, upgrades the Lure and sells its mods only on the Tangled Shore.

Crow has a reputation bar which can be filled by bringing him Recon Data Icon.jpg Recon Data. Reputation rank-ups reward Hunting Raiment Engrams and allow for further Cryptolith Lure upgrades to be purchased. The player has to reach reputation rank 10 to unlock all of the upgrades.

He sells five random Lure Mutation Mods, their price varies from Glimmer1.png8,000 to Glimmer1.png10,000. These mods are consumable and players can hold no more than 5 at a time. Crow also sells a Lure Mutation Finder for Glimmer1.png500, it can be consumed to gain a 24-hour buff which allows players to receive Lure Mutation Mods as an extra reward for completing activities.


During the Season of the Hunt, Crow used to offer two weekly, four daily and additional bounties.





While he is in the Spider's Hideout, Crow offers quests for Wrathborn Hunts and Hawkmoon.