Hunting Raiment

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Hunting Raiment
Hunting Raiment icon.png
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description Engram containing gear from Season of the Hunt.

Hunting Raiment is an Engram from the Season of the Hunt. It is obtained by increasing reputation with Crow.



Blast battue icon1.jpg Arc Blast Battue
Heavy ammo Grenade Launcher
Royal chase icon1.jpg Void Royal Chase
Primary ammo Scout Rifle
Friction fire icon1.jpg Kinetic Friction Fire
Primary ammo Submachine Gun
Corsair's wrath icon1.jpg Solar Corsair's Wrath
Heavy ammo Linear Fusion Rifle
Deafening whisper icon1.jpg Void Deafening Whisper
Special ammo Grenade Launcher


Wild hunt helm icon1.jpgWild hunt plate icon1.jpg
Wild hunt gauntlets icon1.jpgWild hunt greaves icon1.jpg
Wild Hunt Titan Set
Titan Titan
Wild hunt mask icon1.jpgWild hunt vest icon1.jpg
Wild hunt grasps icon1.jpgWild hunt strides icon1.jpg
Wild Hunt Hunter Set
Hunter Hunter
Wild hunt hood icon1.jpgWild hunt vestment icon1.jpg
Wild hunt gloves icon1.jpgWild hunt boots icon1.jpg
Wild Hunt Warlock Set
Warlock Warlock