Taken Blight

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Picking up some aberrations in reality. We both know what that means.
—Devrim Kay, Taken Blight public event starting on the EDZ.

Taken Blight is a Public Event added in Red War.



The Sludge
Dreaming City
Divalian Mists Rheasilvia


Lost Oasis Giant's Scar


A giant Taken Blight spawns in the sky, it is immune to all damage. Several smaller Blights appear on the ground, they are covered with dome shields and protected by the Taken. The small Blights can be destroyed by damaging them from inside their domes. Defeating the Taken damages the big Blight, and when its integrity reaches 0%, it regenerates and moves to another spot. The Blight relocates twice, and all damage dealt to it increases each time it does so. The event is completed when the Taken Blight is destroyed for the third time.

This event becomes Heroic when the giant Blight is destroyed by damaging it directly. When a player steps into a dome covering a small Blight and then leaves it, they get the "Blight Receding" buff, which lasts for 5 seconds. While the buff is active, that player can deal damage to the big Blight with their weapons and abilities. Once the Taken Blight is destroyed this way, the Blightmaker boss spawns. Defeating it completes the event.