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See Match Game (Bounty).
Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.

Match Game is an activity modifier.


Match Game pushes players to use weapons and abilities of a specific element in order to damage an enemy's elemental shield. For example, a Fallen Captain's text-center Arc shield will take significantly less damage from other elements, such as text-center Solar or text-center Void, when Match Game is active. In this case, text-center Arc weapons and abilities should be used to break the Captain's shield.


Match Game appears on Legend difficulty and higher.


Activities where Match Game will be active will usually indicate which elemental shield types will appear through a modifier icon. Equipment will usually be locked for these activities, so players should prepare a loadout to deal with the shield elements that will be encountered.

Some Exotic weapons that pierce the shields of text-center Barrier Champions, such as Arbalest icon1.jpg Arbalest or The lament icon1.jpg The Lament, can be used to break shields, bypassing the effects of Match Game.

The Adaptive munitions icon1.png Adaptive Munitions perk can allow a weapon to deal increased damage to non-matching shield types.

In some activities where Match Game is active, a Burn modifier may also appear, increasing the damage dealt and taken from a specific element. It is possible to take advantage of this damage increase to break enemy shields with a non-matching element through brute force. Although it will take longer, this can be a viable option if the specific type of elemental shield is less common in the activity than others.