Adaptive Munitions

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Adaptive Munitions
Adaptive munitions icon1.png
Season 16
Item Type Weapon Perk
Type Trait
Description This weapon adapts its damage output and effectiveness against energy shields that don't match the weapon's damage type.
See also: Adaptive Munitions (Enhanced)

Adaptive Munitions is a Trait Weapon Perk.


  • This perk causes the weapon to deal increasingly higher damage with each hit to non-matching elemental energy shields. For example, a text-center Solar weapon with this perk hitting a text-center Void shield will gradually deal more damage with each hit. Hitting non-matching or unshielded enemies will remove the damage bonus.[1]
  • This perk can be helpful in activities where the Match Game modifier is active.
  • The perk also triggers when hitting text-center Barrier Champions's shields.[1] However, the player must also have an appropriate anti-Barrier mod from the Seasonal Artifact equipped (e.g. Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle Icon.png Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle when using a Scout Rifle) in order for the weapon to deal damage to the Champion's shield.


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