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The Seasonal Artifact is a gameplay system introduced in the Season of the Undying.

The Artifacts are Legendary-quality items that take a slot in the bottom-left corner of the character's equipment screen. By gaining experience the player unlocks seasonal mods and gets uncapped power bonus. Artifact progression is shared among the characters on a single account, and is reset at the start of a new Season.

There are 5 tiers with 5 mods in each, with a total of 25 seasonal mods. Each tier is unlocked by buying a certain amount of mods in the previous tier. The player buys mods by using artifact unlocks. The maximum amount of artifact unlocks is 12, so it is impossible to obtain all of the seasonal mods. It is possible to reset the Artifact and start unlocking mods from scratch, but it costs Glimmer, and each reset costs more than the last. First reset costs Glimmer1.png10,000. Spending all of the artifact unlocks gives a Masterwork border to the Artifact.

Tier 1 is unlocked at 0 seasonal mods bought, tier 2 is unlocked at 1 mod, tier 3 is unlocked at 4 mods, tier 4 is unlocked at 7 mods, and tier 5 is unlocked at buying 10 seasonal mods.


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