Vanguard Communications

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Vanguard Communications
Season of the Hunt icon.png
Season 12
Type Quest
Steps 1
Rewards Fang of Xivu Arath

Vanguard Communications is a Seasonal Quest.

1. Incoming Transmission


Listen to the transmission in Zavala's office.

"Most of this is hardware I was able to save from the BrayTech facility on Mars. I networked it into the same quantum communication array the Hidden use. We should be able to receive transmissions from across the system, and if we want, eavesdrop on other comm systems." —Ana Bray


Visit Zavala's office for a gift from Osiris: your Seasonal Artifact.: 1


Fang of Xivu Arath icon.jpg Fang of Xivu Arath
A relic from the Hive god of war, passed down to you from Osiris and his followers.

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