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Osiris npc.png
Name Osiris
Title Exiled Warlock
Race Human
Gender Male
Description A renowned Warlock and the former Vanguard Commander, Osiris was exiled from the Last City for his controversial ideas on the Light, the Darkness, and the Vex.

Osiris is the Warden of the Infinite Forest.


He was introduced in the Curse of Osiris, but began appearing outside of cutscenes starting from the Season of Dawn.

  • Season of Dawn icon.pngThe Sundial Spire — a special location on Mercury. It is impossible to reach the Sundial while being in the Mercury patrol zone, the player had to load into the Sundial Spire activity.
  • Season of the Hunt icon.pngThe Tower Bazaar — in a corner to the left of Ikora Rey, when looking at the Traveler. He cannot be interacted with.

Season of Dawn only

Osiris used to offer Season of Dawn quests: