Ana Bray

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Glass and Time icon.png This page describes content which is not available in the game.
Ana Bray was moved into the Destiny Content Vault in Beyond Light season icon.pngBeyond Light.
Ana Bray
Ana Bray npc.png
Name Ana Bray
Title Warmind Crypto-Linguist
Race Human
Gender Female
Location BrayTech Futurescape, Mars
Description Golden Age scientist and legendary hero of Twilight Gap.

Ana Bray is the Voice of Rasputin and the vendor on Mars.


She can be found in BrayTech Futurescape, in the building directly in front of the landing zone.


Ana accepts Seraphite in exchange for Cradle Engrams, and also offers armor and a random weapon from these Engrams for sale.

Prior to Season of Dawn she used to hand out Decrypted Cache Keys in exchange for Rasputin Key Fragments, but these items are now removed from the game.


Ana Bray offers three bounties each day.


She starts the Data Recovery quest, and after its completion Ana offers Exotic quests that reward the player with Polaris Lance, its Catalyst, and Sleeper Simulant.

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