Cradle Engram

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Cradle Engram
Legendary engram icon1.png
Type Engrams
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram with proprietary markers. Someone connected to Clovis Bray's networks should be able to decrypt it.
Vendor Ana Bray

This Faction Engram is obtained by increasing a character's reputation with Ana Bray. The Attack or Defense values of the items into which the engram decrypts will be equal to the player's Base Power Level.

Faction Engram Contents

Note that in regard to the items list below, either a Faction Weapon or a piece of Faction Armor will drop, but not both.

Faction Weapons

Faction Armor

Faction Shaders

Additional Rewards

Planetary The EDZArcologyNessusIoMercury
The Tower The VanguardThe CrucibleVanguard ResearchGunsmith
Faction Rally New MonarchyFuture War CultDead Orbit