Vanguard Research (Faction)

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Vanguard Research (Faction)
Vanguard research faction icon1.png
Faction Liaison Ikora Rey
Headquarters The Tower
Tokens Vanguard Research Token
Reputation Rewards
Engram Vanguard Research Engram

The Vanguard Research Faction rewards the player for completing Meditations. Meditations may be obtained from Ikora Rey in The Tower up to a limit of three per character per week. Each activity will reward three Vanguard Research Tokens upon completion; handing these in to Ikora is currently the only way to increase standing with this faction. Each rank-up will award the player a Vanguard Research Engram that contains a restored version of the armor set with which the player began the game, dependent upon the Class of the character. Note that unlike other Factions, the player must only hand in 7 Vanguard Research Tokens to increase his or her rank of reputation.

Faction Engram Contents

Faction Armor

Additional Rewards

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