The EDZ (Faction)

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The EDZ (Faction)
Edz faction icon1.png
Faction Liaison Devrim Kay
Headquarters European Dead Zone
Tokens EDZ Token
Uncommon Planetary Item Dusklight Shard
Rare Planetary Item Dusklight Crystal
Reputation Rewards
Engram EDZ Engram

The EDZ Faction rewards the player for completing activities and looting chests in the European Dead Zone. Each activity will reward one to three EDZ Tokens upon completion; handing these in to Devrim Kay in Trostland is currently the only way to increase standing with this faction. Each rank-up will award the player an EDZ Engram that contains wilderness-themed equipment and shaders.

Faction Engram Contents

Note that in regard to the items list below, either a Faction Weapon or a piece of Faction Armor will drop, but not both.

Faction Weapons

  • 1 of the following:
Item Icon Type Slot Impact Range Stability Handling Reload Speed Rounds Per Minute
Bad News Bad news icon1.jpg Hand Cannons Kinetic 92 60 29 33 33 110
Call to Serve Call to serve icon1.jpg Scout Rifles Kinetic 62 47 46 47 51 180
Complex Solution Complex solution icon1.jpg Swords Power Weapons 62 46
Eystein-D Eystein-d icon1.jpg Pulse Rifles Kinetic 33 66 51 31 39 340
Flash and Thunder Flash and thunder icon1.jpg Grenade Launchers Energy 36 69 71 90
Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun (Season 1) Hawthornes field-forged shotgun icon1.jpg Shotguns Energy 10 51 37 64 64 80
Lincoln Green Lincoln green icon1.jpg Pulse Rifles Kinetic 23 32 46 30 33 540
Minimum Distance Minimum distance icon1.jpg Sidearms Kinetic 51 55 50 41 29 260
Show of Force Show of force icon1.jpg Sniper Rifles Energy 90 73 31 33 36 72

Faction Armor

Faction Shaders

Additional Rewards

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