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Override is an Offensive seasonal activity introduced in the Season of the Splicer.


Override is currently active on Europa, while the Tangled Shore and the Moon activity will become available at a later date. It can be launched from the H.E.L.M. outpost in the Last City once you finish 2 introductory missions. Override consists of 3 encounters.

First Encounter

Once the first encounter starts, you will notice a deposit site in the middle of the map around which enemies will start spawning. Each will drop a purple Data Mote that you will need to deposit in the Vex pillar. To progress, you will quickly need to collect as many motes as you can.

At two points, the deposit site will lockdown. To enable it, you will have to destroy red symbols that spawn and eliminate the blockers. Once you clear the map, the platforms will start appearing around the tower. One member of your team will have to use them to climb the tower to hack it and reset it for another round. After 3 rounds, you will move to the next encounter.

For bonus points, you can engage a champion by going through the portal that's near the tower. He will drop a Data Spike that you will also have to carry to the deposit site. If none of the champions reach the plate that's below the tower, Network Anomaly will spawn at the end of the 3rd round. By eliminating him you will earn a lot of Decrypted Data.

Second Encounter

This is a platforming section that's a bit different in each passing. You'll have to keep away from spinning lasers, as they will kill you instantly. Moving wall defenses will spawn enemies, so they should be avoided as well. It's best to quickly finish this part by using steep ramps to your advantage.

Third Encounter

Here, you will encounter a boss named Tacitas, Subjugated Mind. This is a type of Wyvern that can lunge at you and deliver a devastating combo, so keep your distance when engaging him. Damage him enough, and Tacitas will retreat to the white column and become invulnerable. To kickstart the fight, you will have to eliminate Scytal. He will drop Data Spike, which you have to carry to the Vex tower that's right before the main room. While someone deposits the spike, other members of the fireteam should shoot down the white Vex cubes to trigger Tacitas. Repeat this process as needed and he will soon be defeated.



Chroma RushChroma rush icon1.jpgKineticAuto Rifles
FarewellFarewell icon1.jpgKineticSidearms
GridskipperGridskipper icon1.jpgEnergyPulse Rifles
Ignition CodeIgnition code icon1.jpgKineticGrenade Launchers


Lightkin BondLightkin bond icon1.jpgWarlockWarlock Bonds
Lightkin BootsLightkin boots icon1.jpgWarlockLeg Armor66101266
Lightkin CloakLightkin cloak icon1.jpgHunterHunter Cloaks
Lightkin CoverLightkin cover icon1.jpgWarlockHelmets66101266
Lightkin GauntletsLightkin gauntlets icon1.jpgTitanGauntlets66101266
Lightkin GlovesLightkin gloves icon1.jpgWarlockGauntlets66101266
Lightkin GreavesLightkin greaves icon1.jpgTitanLeg Armor66101266
Lightkin GripsLightkin grips icon1.jpgHunterGauntlets66101266
Lightkin HelmLightkin helm icon1.jpgTitanHelmets66101266
Lightkin MarkLightkin mark icon1.jpgTitanTitan Marks
Lightkin MaskLightkin mask icon1.jpgHunterHelmets66101266
Lightkin PlateLightkin plate icon1.jpgTitanChest Armor66101266
Lightkin RobesLightkin robes icon1.jpgWarlockChest Armor66101266
Lightkin StridesLightkin strides icon1.jpgHunterLeg Armor66101266
Lightkin VestLightkin vest icon1.jpgHunterChest Armor66101266