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Hunter Cloaks

Hunter Cloaks by Rarity



A Cloak Called HomeA cloak called home icon1.jpgNo matter how far you travel, home is closer than you think.
Abhorrent Imperative CloakAbhorrent Imperative Cloak.pngG1!_/ONsT>GZogEOieN>Ro.v_icnig2tAeoAsolsL>aiP/Ni_e.mYonPNpeElmHnNPI
Airhead HoodAirhead hood icon1.jpg"If you can hear yourself think, you're not flying fast enough." -Marcus Ren
Ancient Apocalypse CloakAncient apocalypse cloak icon1.jpg"Had a face like the end-times and eyes like manna in the desert. One look at him, and I knew I wasn't gonna be saved." —The Drifter
Be Thy GuideBe thy guide icon1.jpgAn honored gift, given to those who seek the farthest edges of maps yet written.
Binary Phoenix CloakBinary phoenix cloak icon1.jpgThe phoenix that fights itself, then rises from its ashes stronger than ever. That is the Crucible.
Bladesmith's Memory CloakBladesmiths memory cloak icon1.jpg"We hold onto traditions like memories. They define us. They remind us of those we've lost." -Y. Satou
BrayTech Winter CloakBraytech winter cloak icon1.jpg"Not every piece of equipment is optimal for all environments. You see snow. I see a thousand hiding places." -Designer, BrayTech R&D
Calamity Rig CloakCalamity rig cloak icon1.jpg"Funny how nobody listens to doomsayers. They're the most honest folk I know." —The Drifter
Cinder Pinion CloakCinder pinion cloak icon1.jpg"You're angry they defeated you? They just did you a favor! Now you know what to improve." —Lord Shaxx
Clandestine ManeuversClandestine maneuvers icon1.jpgWhile it is always best to go unseen, fortune favors the prepared.
Cloak JudgmentCloak judgment icon1.jpg"For one who fights as the wind flows." -Emissary of the Nine
Cloak Judgment (CODA)Cloak judgment (coda) icon1.jpgA mercurial gift: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
Cloak RelentlessCloak relentless icon1.jpg"For you as much as for them. They are observing your swiftness." -Emissary of the Nine
Cloak of FeltrocCloak of feltroc icon1.jpg"I can outshoot anybody. Even the Traveler-spawn. My mind's bigger, too." —Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer
Cloak of Five Full MoonsCloak of five full moons icon1.jpg"Our mysterious defender slew a Kell today. Kandak has banned other Risen and put a bounty on the so-called Red Moon Phantom's head." -Annals of the Saharan Contested Zone
Cloak of OptimacyCloak of optimacy icon1.jpgHas this wealth found you or have you found it?
Cloak of RemembranceCloak of remembrance icon1.jpgTo inspire our wards with a practiced flourish.
Cloak of TemptationCloak of temptation icon1.jpg"What is it you want? What is this really about?" —Lisbon-13, Hunter of the Kentarch 3
Cloak of the Emperor's AgentCloak of the emperor's agent icon1.jpgMy gift to the Hunter with Ghaul's cunning.
Cloak of the ExileCloak of the exile icon1.jpg"They who entered the Speaker's chambers as master and apprentice were bitter rivals when they left." —Brother Vance
Cloak of the Great HuntCloak of the great hunt icon1.jpgI wish to be renowned.
Cobra's HoodCobra's hood icon1.jpg"I never did find that horn…" —Lord Shaxx
Coronation CloakCoronation cloak icon1.jpg"When the dream is fulfilled and the day has come to crown a leader, spectacle and pomp are fitting. Spend lavishly." -Laws of the Executors, Vol. 1
Crystocrene CloakCrystocrene cloak icon1.jpg"Prepare for your arctic adventure with the very best in Bray outfitting!" —Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide
Cunning Rivalry CloakCunning rivalry cloak icon1.jpgGo for the gold, Hunter.
Dragonfly Regalia WingsDragonfly regalia wings icon1.jpg"These planets we protect were beautiful. They can be again." -Cryptarch Matsuo
Dreambane CloakDreambane cloak icon1.jpg"This relic of ancient trauma is bound by Hive magic, like a new bandage on an old scar." —Eris Morn
Entanglement CloakEntanglement cloak icon1.jpg"I see six armies, locked in battle, across far systems. Now I see four armies. And now I see one." "€”RECORD 579-CHASM-3360
Equitis Shade CloakEquitis shade cloak icon1.jpg"This serves as a message to all false Cabal that you have served me. They won't show it, but they fear you. They should." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Exodus Down CloakExodus down cloak icon1.jpgThis Guardian armor was repurposed from old Exodus Black crew flight suits.
Far Gone HoodFar gone hood icon1.jpgWorn by 1st Brothers and Sisters of the Dead End Cure, a notorious posse of itinerant Hunters.
Frostveil CloakFrostveil cloak icon1.jpgAs many ways to celebrate the Dawning as stars in the sky. But they all guide us in the dark.
Frumious CloakFrumious cloak icon1.jpgBeware!
Gensym Knight CloakGensym knight cloak icon1.jpg"Remember, the universe is a chaotic system. This frippery won't protect you from the continuum." -Asher Mir
Holdfast CloakHoldfast cloak icon1.jpgNever let them see you break.
Holeshot CloakHoleshot cloak icon1.jpgGetting there first is all that matters.
Icarus Drifter CapeIcarus drifter cape icon1.jpg"Don't forget who has the best Icarus–Daedalus time."

"You did it at closest approach! Doesn't count." "Does too!"
Illicit Collector CloakIllicit collector cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you scrounge for him, Hunter?
Illicit Invader CloakIllicit invader cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you kill for him, Hunter?
Illicit Reaper CloakIllicit reaper cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you clear the way for him, Hunter?
Illicit Sentry CloakIllicit sentry cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you defend him, Hunter?
Illuminus Cloak (Magnificent)Illuminus cloak (magnificent) icon1.jpgComplete Legendary or Master Lost Sectors to enable this armor's white glow.
Illuminus Cloak (Majestic)Illuminus cloak (majestic) icon1.jpgDuring Solstice 2021:
- Complete Crucible Glory playlist activities, Nightfall strikes, or matches in Trials of Osiris.
- Collect Solar Elemental Orbs in the European Aerial Zone activity.
- Defeat powerful Cabal.
Imperial Shadow's CloakImperial shadows cloak icon1.jpg"€œThe Clipse worship guns. That's why Rull and I have an understanding. Even if he's not bright."€ "€”Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer
Inaugural Revelry CloakInaugural revelry cloak icon1.jpg"Parties keep you young, Hunter." —Eva Levante
Each piece of event armor increases the strength of your Good Moods during the 2019 Revelry. Additional pieces can be found in the Verdant Forest or via bounties from Eva Levante.
Intrepid Discovery CloakIntrepid discovery cloak icon1.jpgTo travel beyond the known horizon.
Iron Fellowship CloakIron fellowship cloak icon1.jpg"We honor the dead by remembering them with joy and with strength." —Lord Saladin
Iron Symmachy CloakIron symmachy cloak icon1.jpg"Suffer no evil." —Lady Efrideet
Iron Will CloakIron will cloak icon1.jpg"Thy duty is thy bond. Explore the boundless. Conquer the unknown." —A tenet of the Iron Will
Kairos Function CloakKairos function cloak icon1.jpg
Legacy's Oath CloakLegacy's oath cloak icon1.jpg"How would one such as myself commit Human error when I am no longer Human?" —Hari-5
Lightkin CloakLightkin cloak icon1.jpg"The way folks act toward the Eliksni shows you who they really are. Not sure if that's the worst or best part of this." —Amanda Holliday
Lost Pacific CapeLost pacific cape icon1.jpgSloane had these Golden Age space suits repurposed for Guardian armor.
Mantle of EfrideetMantle of efrideet icon1.jpg"Perun and Gheleon are so serious. Never yet seen a target I couldn't hit. What've I to worry about? " —Efrideet, before the Ironsbane
Memory of Cayde CloakMemory of cayde cloak icon1.jpg"Hey... take me with you." -Cayde-6
Moonfang-X7 CloakMoonfang-x7 cloak icon1.jpg"What's with all the animals? Some Daito honcho wishin' they took more walks in the woods? Seems creepy to me."
—The Drifter
Neoteric Kiyot CloakNeoteric kiyot cloak icon1.jpg"I knew my name the instant my Ghost found me." —Therin Vai
Notorious Collector CloakNotorious collector cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you scrounge for him, Hunter?
Notorious Invader CloakNotorious invader cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you kill for him, Hunter?
Notorious Reaper CloakNotorious reaper cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you clear the way for him, Hunter?
Notorious Sentry CloakNotorious sentry cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you defend him, Hunter?
Omega Mechanos CloakOmega mechanos cloak icon1.jpg"Gotta wonder what happened to make the Vex like this, right? I mean, the Vex couldn't have come from nowhere." —Sagira
Opulent Stalker CloakOpulent stalker cloak icon1.jpg"I have foreseen the end of all things. The novenary, the Awoken Queen, the sad, strange little man on his rickety boat. They believe they've seen the same. What they don't know shall destroy them." —Emperor Calus
Outlawed Collector CloakOutlawed collector cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you scrounge for him, Hunter?
Outlawed Invader CloakOutlawed invader cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you kill for him, Hunter?
Outlawed Reaper CloakOutlawed reaper cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you clear the way for him, Hunter?
Outlawed Sentry CloakOutlawed sentry cloak icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you defend him, Hunter?
Penumbral CloakPenumbral cloak icon1.jpg"When we find my lost worlds and open their knowledge to this system, the end will find us. At last—the right to be last." —Emperor Calus
Phobos Warden CloakPhobos warden cloak icon1.jpg"The Guardians will come through." —Commander Zavala
Praefectus CloakPraefectus cloak icon1.jpg"Feast, my comrades. Torobatl may be lost, but its spirit lives on in our traditions." —Empress Caiatl
Prodigal CloakProdigal cloak icon1.jpg"It's from 'Paladin Oran.' 'Use less data, route electron notices forward over Uranus-Neptune divide." -Paladin Hallam Fen
Pyrrhic Ascent CloakPyrrhic ascent cloak icon1.jpg"We can't ever go back to the way things were."—Aisha, Human Hunter
Qiao's PassingQiaos passing icon1.jpg"Bind yourself with compassion and knowledge."
Reverie Dawn CloakReverie dawn cloak icon1.jpg"Perhaps it was not the correct choice. But it was the right choice." -Yasmin Eld
Righteous CloakRighteous cloak icon1.jpgEnsign of untarnished principle.
Scatterhorn CloakScatterhorn cloak icon1.jpg"Lost things have a way of washing up on the Tangled Shore." -The Spider
Seventh Seraph CloakSeventh seraph cloak icon1.jpg"You can't leave me. Not like this." —First Lieutenant Artur Voronin
Shadow's CloakShadow's cloak icon1.jpg“With the death of the Ace-Defiant, the Leviathan is without a master helmsman. If I must wait another millennium for a replacement, I shall.” —Emperor Calus
Shattered Vault CloakShattered vault cloak icon1.jpgRandom Perks: This item cannot be reacquired from Collections.
Skerren Corvus CloakSkerren corvus cloak icon1.jpgOnly the finest of threads are worn for the harvest.
Solstice Cloak (Magnificent)Solstice cloak (magnificent) icon1.jpgDefeat the final boss in Altars of Sorrow.
Solstice Cloak (Majestic)Solstice cloak (majestic) icon1.jpgDefeat challenging combatants throughout the system.
Solstice Cloak (Resplendent)Solstice cloak (resplendent) icon1.jpgDefeat Bosses
Stella Incognita CloakStella incognita cloak icon1.jpg"One day an Arach, triumphant, will oversee a mass departure. The Arach's purpose thus turns from persuasion to selection. Our future home must be chosen with care." -”The Book of Departures, Canto II
Substitutional Alloy CloakSubstitutional alloy cloak icon1.jpgAnd the cleanse shall beget an ocean.
Tangled Web CloakTangled web cloak icon1.jpg"In my company, the Ether flows." -The Spider
The Took Offense (Hunter Cloak)The took offense hunter cloak icon1.jpgThis armor may not be as thick as rhino hide, but it does smell better. That's something.
Vanguard Dare CloakVanguard dare cloak icon1.jpgCourse you gotta jack their stuff. That's how you show 'em you love 'em, Andal. Now lemme show you around. -Tallulah "Tallu" Fairwind
Vernal Growth CloakVernal growth cloak icon1.jpgDemonstrate flexible perspectives.

Each piece of event armor enhances the Good Moods effect during the 2019 Revelry.
Warm Winter CloakWarm winter cloak icon1.jpgIt's cold out there.
Wild Hunt CloakWild hunt cloak icon1.jpgHide in shadow.
Wildwood CloakWildwood cloak icon1.jpgDevrim Kay fashioned the pattern for these Guardian armor suits.
Wing Contender (Cloak)Wing contender cloak icon1.jpgThe double-headed phoenix that fights itself represents Guardians who strengthen each other in the Crucible.
Winterhart CloakWinterhart cloak icon1.jpg"The sun does arise, and make happy the skies." --Pre-Golden Age poetry
Woven Firesmith CapeWoven firesmith cape icon1.jpg"As long as we have someone to protect, the only option is to keep fighting." -Ada-1


Cloak of RetellingCloak of retelling icon1.jpg"In time all this will be myth, confused and glorious. The details matter less than those who tell it."
Orobas Vectura CloakOrobas vectura cloak icon1.jpg"You made the right choice. I think. Either way, I'm on your side." -Ghost
Shadow Specter (Cloak)Shadow specter cloak icon1.jpgLight as the breeze that carries the day.
Solstice Cloak (Renewed)Solstice cloak (renewed) icon1.jpgComplete patrols in the EDZ, collect Elemental Orbs of any type in the European Aerial Zone, and defeat minibosses in the European Aerial Zone.
The Outlander's CloakThe outlanders cloak icon1.jpg...hides the sins of days forgotten and those yet to come.
Unethical Experiments CloakUnethical experiments cloak icon1.jpg"I've seen experiments like this before. My crew.... I don't want to talk about it." -Failsafe
War Mantis CloakWar mantis cloak icon1.jpg"...and that's how we mapped the entire Cabal warnet by shredding the dance floor." -Unknown


At Least It's a CapeAt least its a cape icon1.jpgGuardians have a range of skills, but-clearly-Hunters are the most... capable.
Hood of TalliesHood of tallies icon1.jpg"Don't notch your cloak for every bounty. You'll run out of cloak." -Marcus Ren
Scavenger CloakScavenger cloak icon1.jpgFeel free to offer it for bandages and tourniquets.
Sly CloakSly cloak icon1.jpgYou've got to choose when to be a lion and when to be a fox. Friend, these are fox days.


Daring Hunter CloakDaring hunter cloak icon1.jpgFlip a coin. Heads, the Hunter wins. Tails, the other guy loses.
Dreamer's CloakDreamers cloak icon1.jpg"Without Light to sustain it, this body of mine cannot make the pilgrimage to the Shard. But you can." -Tyra Karn
Refugee CloakRefugee cloak icon1.jpgTime to embrace humbleness.
Renegade HoodRenegade hood icon1.jpgThe City never defined you. Make your own path.
Scorched Hunter CloakScorched hunter cloak icon1.jpgBefore, you wouldn't have been caught dead with a tattered cloak. But that was before.
Solstice Cloak (Drained)Solstice cloak (drained) icon1.jpgComplete adventures, collect Arc orbs in any strike, and complete Crucible or Gambit matches.

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