Kairos Function Cloak

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Kairos Function Cloak
Kairos function cloak icon1.jpg
Type Hunter Cloak
Class Hunter
Rarity Legendary
How to Obtain
Mercury faction icon1.png Lighthouse Engram
Rewarded upon ranking up with Brother Vance.

Kairos Function Cloak is a Legendary Hunter Cloak.


How to Obtain


  • The default shader for this armor piece appears to be identical to the Kairos Gold shader.


The unenlightened wonder at my so-called "fixation" upon the Vex. They believe our gravest existential threat is the Hive, for those beings have made a pact with the Darkness itself via the medium of the Worm Gods (according to Toland, at least, and I see no reason to doubt him in this).

But Darkness is not merely absence of Light. Darkness is an entity unto itself. Put simply, Darkness is not Nothing.

But the Vex? The Vex seek neither Light nor Darkness. They seek Convergence, the reduction of all life to its simplest, most meaningless form. An entelechy of zeros and ones.

"Evil" is a word for sentimentalists and fools. But, in the ontology of the sentimental, the Vex are more deserving of the term than the Hive.

Given a choice between Darkness and Convergence, I would choose Darkness. It is a logical choice.

Yet for this they banish me.


Kairos Function Cloak1.jpg

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