The Sundial

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The Sundial
The Sundial banner.png
Location Mercury
Players 6
Requirement A Matter of Time
Expansion Season of Dawn
Enemies Cabal, Vex
Boss Niruul, the Hollow Voice
Ozletc, the Sky Piercer
Tazaroc, the Sun Eater
Inotam, Oblivion's Triune
Description Stop the Cabal from rewriting history and laying claim to the future.

The Sundial is a matchmade arena where a team of 6 players fights hordes of Cabal. The Legend mode makes the activity harder, adds plenty of modifiers, and disables matchmaking.


The players fight enemies and gain score in three versions of Mercury: present, past and future. There are various objectives the team has to fulfill to earn the most score and fill the overall progress bar all the way to the final boss fight, similar to the Menagerie.

Each stage is started by interacting with an orange projection. Stages are time-limited, and the players are dragged back to the Sundial when their time runs out. From there, they access other stages through a gate in the barrier surrounding the Sundial Spire.



The first stage, done in present Mercury. The team has to fight their way to the Sundial Spire. This stage ends after one of the players activates the Sundial.


The Cabal fight Vex on this stage, and the area is split evenly between them. The players have to defeat Arc-Charged Minotaurs on the Vex side, pick up the Arc Charges they drop and deposit them in three devices on the Cabal side. After a charge is deposited in each of the three devices, enemies temporarily stop spawning, and a Cabal boss arrives to the Vex side. Defeating this boss grants the most progress.


A Cabal boss is standing in the middle of the map, covered by an invincibility shield. The players have to defeat Ordnance Centurions, pick up Relics they drop and throw them at the boss to remove the shield. Defeating the boss grants the most progress.


The players have to stay on marked plates to capture them and summon a boss, defeating which grants the most progress. Once in a while Psion Commanders spawn, preventing the players from capturing plates. The Psions are shielded and cannot be shot, the only way to kill them is by using melee attacks.


Niruul, the Hollow Voice

Niruul's special ability is the Void Prison, a Void barrier that surrounds some of the players. If someone is standing close to the target player, they are trapped in the same barrier, as well. If players linger in the barrier, they die. The barrier cannot be pierced by weapons, so if a player is covered by the barrier the moment they, for example, fire a Grenade Launcher, they kill themself. To escape, the player has to shoot a circular node in the barrier. It is not necessary to be inside of a barrier to shoot these nodes, so uncaptured players can help their teammates out.

Once in a while, shielded Psions spawn around the area, making Niruul immune to all damage. The players have to locate the Psions and melee them to remove the shield from her.

Ozletc, the Sky Piercer

Ozletc's ability is the Voltaic Strike. Once in a while she summons a series of vertical Arc pulses that deal large amounts of damage to the players caught in the attack. There is a short delay before the lightning strikes down, so the players just have to move out of the Strike to avoid taking damage.

She is also occasionally shielded by Psions that can be killed only in melee.

Tazaroc, the Sun Eater

Tazaroc's special attack is the Solar Seekers. She summons several fire balls that explode upon contact with a Guardian or a surface, and deal Solar damage. This ability has a distinct animation, so the players have enough time to run to a cover if they pay attention to the boss' movements.

Tazaroc is also occasionally shielded by Psions that can be killed only in melee.

Inotam, Oblivion's Triune

Inotam is the final boss of the Sundial. They use all special attacks of the previous bosses: the Void Prison, the Voltaic Strike and the Solar Seekers.

When Inotam loses a portion of their health, the players are transported into a separate small arena where they have to fight a much weaker version of one of the previous three bosses. After the players return, Inotam covers themselves with an immunity shield which can be removed by capturing plates, like in the Datamine encounter. The players have to capture one plate after the first miniboss, two after defeating the second one, and three after defeating all three minibosses.


The Sundial's reward is entirely dependent on the Sundial Obelisks. By linking an Obelisk to The Sundial, the player can determine which reward they will be offered. At the end of The Sundial activity they can interact with the Sundial to choose an item from the linked Obelisks' rewards.

The rewards include: