A Moment In Time

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A Moment In Time
A lost relic icon1.jpg
Season 9
Type Quest Step
Rarity Exotic
Steps 2
Vendors The Sundial
Rewards Devil's Ruin

A Moment In Time is an Exotic Quest.

1. A Lost Relic


You've pulled a new timelost frame out of the shattered timelines within the Sundial. Although you can't identify the weapon yourself, Saint-14 thinks he can help you discover its origin.

Bring the frame to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar.

"Osiris told me about the strange weapon you found in the Sundial. I might be able to identify it." —Saint-14


Speak with Saint-14: 1

2. A Tour Through History


Saint-14 has confirmed that the timelost frame you found is a piece of Twilight Gap history. He thinks you can repair it with materials recovered from the site of the great battle itself.

Venture to Twilight Gap in the EDZ, and reclaim the lost weapon fragments Saint-14 described.

"Six Fronts. Twilight Gap. The Red War. These are all shining points in our history, where the City came together to defend what was ours. Sometimes, great hardship can result in growth, in connection. I learned this from you, my friend." —Saint-14


  • Mission completed: 1


Devil's ruin icon1.jpg
Solar Devil's Ruin
Primary ammo Sidearm

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