Astral Alignment

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Astral Alignment
Astral Alignment.jpg
Location Dreaming City
Players 6
Power 1250 (Normal)
1320 (Legend)
Requirement Wayfinder's Voyage I
Expansion Season of the Lost icon.pngSeason of the Lost
Enemies Taken, Scorn
Boss Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath
Kruutiks, Reefbane
Description Charge your Wayfinder's Compass and reawaken ancient Ley Lines throughout the Dreaming City. Seal your accomplishments by defending the Blind Well from Xivu Arath's encroaching forces.

Astral Alignment is an Offensive added in Season of the Lost. Players in teams of six will face off against waves of Taken and Scorn that have corrupted the beacons of the Dreaming City.


Players begin the activity by defending the Blind Well from spawning waves of Scorn. After defeating the enemies and interacting with the Well, the fireteam will be taken to the next encounter.

There are three random encounters in the Astral Alignment, but only two of them are used in a single run of the activity. Each encounter fills the progress bar, and once it is full, the players will be transported to a boss fight. There are two bosses, they rotate weekly.

This activity features text-centerOverload and text-centerUnstoppable Champions. In addition, some enemies deal text-centerStasis damage.


Astral Alignment has a Legend difficulty, which requires a higher power level, adds modifiers, locks equipment and disables matchmaking. The boss has a higher chance of dropping the Ager's Scepter Catalyst and seasonal gear.


Collapse the Taken Rifts

Players are transported to Ley Line, Pallas where Rifts will spawn on each of the Awoken plates. Each rift will spawn several Taken that need to be defeated. After all the enemies that initially spawned are defeated, Taken Captains named Eye of Xivu Arath will spawn. Defeat the Captain to spawn a Taken Essence, replacing your weapon with a Taken projectile. Moving towards the Taken rift will cause it to be purged. Repeat this until all the rifts have been purged to move forward. Ocassionally enemies will spawn in the center of the arena, take them out to continue the fight.

Install the Batteries

Players will be taken to Ley Line, Vesta where they will need to install batteries into the Beacon. On the other side of the area is a device guarded by either Taken or Scorn enemies. Players need to destroy the device, which will drop batteries. Players will need to carry these to the plates around the Beacon to proceed.

When a player is carrying a battery they become Encumbered for fifteen seconds. After the fifteen seconds pass, the player will drop the battery and become Exhausted, unable to pick a battery up again for ten seconds. While players are carrying the batteries, Taken Knights wielding Stasis Boomers or Scorn Abominations will patrol the area, they are invulnerable and can not be killed. Each of the battery carriers has an aura around them, by standing in it a player without a battery gains the Suppressor buff. Suppressors can shoot the bosses to prevent them from attacking.

After three of the batteries have been installed, the bosses lose damage immunity and need to be defeated to make the second device holding more batteries vulnerable. The encounter ends once the second set of batteries is installed.

Prevent the Ether Harvest

Players will be taken to Ley Line, Ceres, where they will need to prevent an Ether Harvest. Scorn enemies will spawn continuously around the arena, as well as blue Ether orbs that appear in large groups and slowly float towards the broken Servitors. Players have to shoot these orbs before they reach their destination. Ether orbs spawn in waves, each wave targets a different Servitor.

It should be noted there is a game-breaking bug where the area only spawns a set number of Ether orbs, and can run out. Orbs can also spawn within the ground and be inaccessible. If this happens, the event will not end, leaving players perpetually in the fight. Players will have to restart the event if this happens.


Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath

Kholks is a Taken Ogre which attacks players with Axion Darts. Once the boss loses 1/3 of its health, it will become invulnerable and Taken Blights will spawn around the arena. Once these are destroyed, a Taken Captain will spawn. The Captain drops a Taken Essence, it can break Kholks' shield. The boss regains the shield when it loses another 1/3 of its health.

Kruutiks, Reefbane

Kruutiks is a Raider armed with a Scorn Crossbow. It travels around the area using smoke dash and spawns decoys. The decoys can be destroyed with a single hit, but they deal full damage to the players.

Each time the boss loses 1/3 of its health, it becomes invulnerable and moves to another part of the area, summoning decoys along with Ether orbs. Players need to destroy the orbs to keep them from reaching the boss, as they heal a small percentage of Kruutiks' health. The boss becomes vulnerable to attacks after all orbs are gone.