Ether Harvest

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Ether Harvest
Enemy Types Scorn
Bosses Dredge Chieftain, Ether Abomination, Reanimated The Machinist
Objective Eliminate All Dredge Chieftains
Heroic Trigger Shoot Concentrated Ether
Heroic Objective Eliminate The Baron
Reward Rare Gear
Description Stop The Ether Ritual

Ether Harvest, aka Ether Ritual, is a Public Event


| Tangled Shore = Four Horn Gulch

| Dreaming City = The Strand, Divalian Mists

Heroic Trigger

Kill Dredge Chieftans spawned by the broken down servitors

Killing the Cheiftans will make the Servitors release Concentrated Ether into the air, you must shoot them down before they reach the middle Servitor

Must shoot down all Concentrated Ether spawned by 3 servitors

Heroic Objective

Defeat a Reanimated Baron The Machinist


You cannot miss a single Concetrated Ether and let it get to the middle or it will be a normal event.

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