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Outlaw icon1.png
Type Traits
Description Precision kills greatly decrease reload time.
Auto Rifles Halfdan-D, Tigerspite
Hand Cannons Lamia HC2, Annual Skate, Midnight Coup, The Steady Hand, A Cold Sweat, Service Revolver
Pulse Rifles Cadenza-43, Encore-25, Inaugural Address, Three Graves, Jorum's Claw
Scout Rifles Garden Progeny 1
Sidearms Urchin-3si
Fusion Rifles Dead-Ender (Linear)
Shotguns Requiem-43, Good Bone Structure
Sniper Rifles The Mornin' Comes, Show of Force, The Long Walk

Outlaw is a Weapon Perk.


A precision kill grants +50 Reload Speed for 5 seconds. This effect is lost when the weapon is stowed.

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