Garden Progeny 1

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Garden Progeny 1
Garden progeny 1 icon1.jpg
Season 2
Type Scout Rifle
Slot Kinetic
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Kinetic
Foundry Cult of Osiris
Archetype High-Impact
Description Two siblings cleaved by time and space, reflections never found alone,
The ending of the eldritch race—a path long seen but never known.
Impact 67
Range 70
Stability 33
Handling 35
Reload Speed 41
Rounds Per Minute 150
Magazine 14
Zoom 21
Inventory Size 58
Aim Assistance 38
Recoil 73
Bounce Intensity 27
Bounce Direction Tends Left
How to Obtain
Lost prophecy verse 3 icon1.png Lost Prophecy, Verse 1
Obtained from Brother Vance after the Curse of Osiris campaign and the following Adventures have been completed.
Mercury faction icon1.png Lighthouse Engram
This weapon is added to the pool after Lost Prophecy, Verse 1 has been completed on at least one character.
Garden Progeny 1 PvP Stats
Garden Progeny 1 is a Legendary Scout Rifle.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • High-impact frame icon1.png High-Impact Frame - Slow-firing and high-damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights.

Sight / Barrel

  • Extended barrel icon1.png Extended Barrel - Weighty barrel extension.
    • Increases Range.
    • Decreases Handling Speed.
  • Polygonal rifling icon1.png Polygonal Rifling - Barrel optimized for recoil reduction.
    • Increases Stability.
  • Arrowhead brake icon1.png Arrowhead Brake - Lightly vented barrel.
    • Greatly controls Recoil.
    • Increases Handling Speed.

Magazine / Battery

  • Tactical mag icon1.png Tactical Mag - This weapon has multiple tactical improvements.
    • Slightly increases Stability.
    • Slightly increases Reload Speed.
    • Slightly increases magazine size.
  • Steady rounds icon1.png Steady Rounds - This magazine is optimized for recoil control.
    • Greatly increases Stability.
    • Slightly decreases Range.
  • Armor-piercing rounds icon1.png Armor-Piercing Rounds - Rounds cause extra damage to shields and overpenetrate targets.
    • Slightly increases Range.


  • Outlaw icon1.png Outlaw - Precision final blows greatly decrease reload time for an improved duration.


How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire Garden Progeny 1


  • The default shader for this weapon appears to be identical to the Mercury Prophetic shader.


Excerpt from "The Definitive History of Osiris," by Brother Vance

In the wake of the Iron Lords' untimely deaths and the chaos that threatened to topple the fledgling City from within, the one known as the Speaker made his bid for power. To create the illusion of democracy, the Speaker established the Consensus, an oligarchical body of representatives from the City's leading political factions and the three Guardian classes. For the Titans: Saint-14, the right hand of the Speaker. For the Hunters: Tallulah Fairwind, first in a long line of ever-changing representatives. And for the Warlocks, the already-legendary warrior who had studied with Felwinter and Nirwen themselves: Osiris.


Garden Progeny 11.jpg

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