Steady Rounds

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Steady Rounds
Steady rounds icon1.png
Type Magazines
Range -5
Stability 15
Description This magazine is optimized for recoil control. Greatly increases stability. Slightly decreases range.
Auto Rifles Jiangshi AR4, Galliard-42, Perseverance, Uriel's Gift, Orimund's Anvil, Hollow Earth
Hand Cannons Pribina-D, Guseva-C, Bad News, Annual Skate, Mos Ultima II, Dire Promise, Home for the Lost
Pulse Rifles Nanty Narker, Nergal PR4, Cadenza-43, Lincoln Green, Disrespectful Stare, Heart of Time, Eternal Slumber
Scout Rifles Does Not Compute, Nameless Midnight, Trax Lysis II, Manannan SR4, Tango-45, Black Scorpion-4sr, Garden Progeny 1, Adverse Possession IX, Eternal Blazon
Sidearms Etana SI4, Requiem SI2, Athelflad-D, Victoire SI2, The Rattler, Minimum Distance, Last Hope, Timecard, Urchin-3si, Swift Solstice, Vertical Orbit QSm, Traveler's Judgment 5
Submachine Guns Forte-15, Whip Scorpion-3MG, Red Mamba, Death Adder, Phosphorus MG4, Royal Dispensation II, Escape Velocity, Atalanta-D, Radiant Stardust, The Conqueror 2
Shotguns Baligant, Perfect Paradox, The Deicide
Sniper Rifles Widow's Bite, A Single Clap, Eye of Foresight

Steady Rounds is a Magazine Perk.

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