High-Impact Frame

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High-Impact Frame
High-impact frame icon1.png
Type Intrinsic
Description Slow firing and high damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary, moving slowly, and aiming down sights.
Auto Rifles Halfdan-D, Loquitor IV
Pulse Rifles Triumph DX-PR, Standing Tall, Eystein-D, Disrespectful Stare, Relentless, Three Graves, Machina Dei 4, Legal Action II
Scout Rifles Does Not Compute, Trax Lysis II, Trax Arda II, Frontier Justice, Haunted Earth, Song of Justice VI, Good Counsel IX, The Guiding Sight, Garden Progeny 1, The Dream
Fusion Rifles Erentil FR4, Nox Reve II, Nox Lumen II, Parsec TSU, Shock and Awe, The Wizened Rebuke, Conjecture TSc, Elatha FR4, Loaded Question
Rocket Launchers Butler RS/2, Blue Shift, Sins of the Past

High-Impact Frame is a Weapon Perk.