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Rampage icon1.png
Type Traits
Description Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.
Auto Rifles Origin Story, Duty Bound, Refrain-23, Galliard-42
Hand Cannons Midnight Coup, D.F.A., Agamid, IKELOS-HC-v1.0.1
Pulse Rifles Last Perdition, Legal Action II
Scout Rifles Pleiades Corrector
Sidearms Roderic-C, Eleventh Hour, Controlling Vision,Drang
Fusion Rifles Nox Cordis II, Main Ingredient
Grenade Launchers Memory Interdict
Shotguns Perfect Paradox
Rampage is a Weapon Perk.

Additional Information

  • Duration is 3.5 seconds. (version
  • PVE Damage increase is 1x 10% / 2x 21% / 3x 33%. (Season of Undying)
  • PVP Damage increase is 1x 10% / 2x 20% / 3x 30%. (Season of Undying)

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