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Modifiers are special properties which can be assigned to the current Heroic Adventure. (These modifiers used to also apply to Nightfall Strikes, but update 1.1.3 transferred all Nightfall Strike modification to the Nightfall Challenge Card, making it no longer affected by global modifiers.)

Common Modifiers

Common modifiers may be chosen as the first modifier for Heroic Adventures. Their focus is on global changes to offense and defense.



Torrent (Nightfalls only; always paired with Timewarp: Zero Hour)


Nightfall Strike Modifiers

Nightfall Strike Modifiers, formerly chosen as the second modifier for Nightfall Strikes only, greatly influenced the time management aspect of these activities. As Nightfall Strikes no longer have a hard timer with update 1.1.3, all of these modifiers have been removed from normal play (unknown whether the End the Arms Dealer Quest Nightfall Strike has also been affected by update 1.1.3).

Timewarp: Zero Hour (Always paired with Torrent)

Timewarp: Killing Time

Timewarp: Rings

Timewarp: Anomalies

Heroic Adventure Modifiers

Heroic Adventure Modifiers, chosen as the second modifier for Heroic Adventures only, focus on boosting certain classes of weapons and offensive abilities while also reducing the effectiveness of other classes.

Elite Soldier



Risk and Reward


Justice from Above

From the Shadows