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Salvage is a seasonal activity associated with Season of the Deep (season 21). It is one of two such activities, and the first that will be reached while playing through the seasonal storyline. It is a 6-player matchmade activity, with a recommended power of 1750 (the soft cap), shielded enemies, no champions, one threat, and three surges.


Salvage is a two-stage activity. First, the fireteam must complete a series of randomly-selected tasks in one of two environments, either the Salvage Rig or the Arcology. Tasks include carrying a heavy object to a destination point, defending one or more locations against waves of enemies, destroying crystals using beam weapons dropped by specific enemies, and so on. After a few such tasks, the fireteam will be teleported to one of two boss areas, where they will first have to defeat several mini-bosses, and then defeat a final boss.

The final boss is on a weekly rotation. Starting in week 1 of Season 21, the boss is Azshradat, Celebrant of Xivu Arath.

In week 2, the boss is Uorgotha, Scourge of the Deep, an Ogre who can only be damaged by attacking weak spots on the face and back. When the Ogre shields or is defeated, a large cabal enemy will also appear and must also be defeated.


Base activity completion will award Season of the Deep gear with a chance of seasonal engrams. There is also a Salvage Chest, which can be opened using a Salvage Key, which has a chance to drop from various activities and stacks up to 5 in the inventory. One key can be used per activity, and the chest awards an additional seasonal gear drop and a chance for additional seasonal engrams.