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Glass and Time icon.png This page describes content which is not available in the game.
"Sloane" was moved into the Destiny Content Vault in Beyond Light season icon.pngBeyond Light.
Name Sloane
Title Field Commander
Race Human
Gender Female
Location Titan (Location)
Description A veteran of many battlefields, Sloane oversees operations on Titan.

Sloane is the vendor of Titan.



Sloane accepts Alkane Dust in exchange for Arcology Engrams, which contain Arcology armor and a selection of Legendary weapons. She also sells Arcology armor and a single random weapon (changes weekly), but players can buy them only after claiming a certain amount of her Engrams. Claiming 2 Engrams unlocks the Class Item, 4 Engrams unlock Leg Armor, 6 Engrams for Gauntlets, 8 Engrams for Chest Armor and 10 for Helmet and weapon.


Sloane offers three daily bounties.


She used to offer two weekly bounties during the Season of Arrivals icon.pngSeason of Arrivals.


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