Siren's Watch

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Siren's Watch
Location Titan (Location)
Zone New Pacific Arcology
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures Thief of Thieves
Lost Sectors Methane Flush
World Quests The Captain
Fallen Enemy Groups 4
Hive Enemy Groups 4
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 7
Public Events Weapons Exchange
Secret Public Events 4
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 5
Connections Sinking Docks, The Rig
Vendors Sloane
Siren's Watch is a Sector in New Pacific Arcology, Titan (Location) and is considered one of the main rigs for the moon of Saturn. This particular Sector is considered to be a bit of a maze, due to the numerous interior and external corridors and hallways that are scattered around it. On the ground level, there's a central nest to be found in the interior, where the majority of the Hive presence for this particular area can be found and located. On the upper level, it is expected of the player to typically be exploring the exterior of the rig, with a number of outside platforms and rooftops to jump from and onto that will eventually lead to the Command Center, along with Sloane the Fleet Technician among the northernmost part of the map. On the ground level, however, there are a few collectibles on offer and a Lost Sector to contend with that is easily missed if you're not looking for it.

Points of Interest

In total, there are a number of 14 different points of interests that are worth exploring and having a look at in this Sector:

  1. Bridge to Sinking Docks - Recalling the location in which you gain entry to Siren's Watch for the very first time, there is a yellow tube-like bridge that can be leaped across to and will allow access back to the Sinking Docks
  2. Exterior Forecourt - Not long after the first point of interest, there is an open expanse with plenty of crates spread out around the place, with a wide-open area for you to explore in almost any direction.
  3. Open Cargo Platform (Exterior) - To the northwest of the map, almost to the edge of the rig, there are a number of crates dotted around the area for cover and there's also a quick getaway into the Interior Cargo Room (#4) if you ever need it towards the east.
  4. Interior Cargo Room (Ground Floor Interior) - This area has two different entrances; one to the south leads to the Main Thoroughfare (Exterior) (#5) and the one to the west leads you back to the Open Cargo Platform (#3). Nearby are a few Acolytes, which are there to defend one of the scannable objects in this Sector.
  5. Main Thoroughfare (Exterior) - In this area is some scattered about crates and is considered the main route on the ground level for exterior access between the forecourt and the northeaster corner of the Sector and can be located almost smack-dab in the middle of Siren's Watch. This time around, however, without taking part in the campaign, there are a lot less enemies to attack you this time around.
  6. Terminal Side Chamber (Interior) - To access this room, take the metal steps and travel onto the low gantry platform and then onto the Side Walkway (#7). In this room, there's a skeleton holding onto a "help" sign in their fingers, but more importantly it allows for easy access to the Spawn Pod Chamber (#11) and even houses a Region Chest as well.
  7. Side Walkway (Exterior) - Nearing the southwest region of this Sector, there's an exterior walkway just above where you're looking for, so hop down to locate it. Fallen are expected to be found in this area throughout, but by following the long stepped area you can make it to the Comms Tower 02 (#10) with ease.
  8. Stepped Cargo Area (Exterior) - This eastern edge of Siren's Watch connects from the Side Walkway (#7) in the south and the Comms Tower 02 (#10) in the north. This area also allows quick access to the next Sector, The Rig.
  9. Gantry Towers to The Rig (Exterior) - Towards the east side of the map is two connected gantry towers and that's another way to access The Rig Sector.
  10. Comms Tower 02 (Exterior and Interior) - Located in the far northeast of the area is the Comms Tower 02 and one of the most interesting areas in the Siren's Watch. Just to the south of this area is the Spawn Pod Chamber (#11) if you are on the ground floor. To both the east and west sides of the building are a couple of smaller, interior rooms to be explored, but both of which house some of the Hive. Towards the western edge of the area, below the landing zone platform is an open door, which will lead to one of 3 of the Region Chests. Then, most interestingly, there is access to the Lost Sector, Methane Flush on the northeast gantry-way.
  11. Spawn Pod Chamber (Interior) - One of the central rooms in the middle of the map is some Hive encrusted buildings, with the strange Hive material covering every surface it can get a hold of and is one of the rooms you'll be expected to come back to as a point of reference a lot of the time.
  12. Computer Room (Interior) - This room is linked to the Spawn Pod Chamber (#11) and can be accessed from there through an upper-interior corridor. Inside the room is a lit up computer and a light blue floor, but by following the east side it quickly becomes a complete mess of Hive secretion, with Thralls to also contend with if not careful.
  13. Command Room Platform (Exterior) - Just above the Main Thoroughfare (#5) features some more crates, a raised platform that will lead back to the Spawn Pod Chamber (#11) and even some Fallen for good measure. Towards the north, you will find the entrance to the Command Room (#14).
  14. Command Room (Interior) - Enter through the Command Room Platform (Exterior) (#13) to pay a visit to the only vendor in Siren's Watch, Sloane.

Public Events


  • Weapons Exchange - This public event has you take down a newly-spawned Fallen Arsenal Walker and resulting in this will be the reward of a brand new Boss Chest.


  • High-Value Target No. 1 - A tougher version of the typical Fallen Captain drops in uninvited and must be taken down to receive a Boss Chest.
  • High-Value Target No. 2 - A tougher version of the typical Hive Knight will land within the area and must be defeated to receive a Boss Chest for your troubles.
  • High-Value Target No. 3 - A Hive Knight summons a horde of Thrall to attack and decimate you from afar. This target can be located in the northeastern corner of the open cargo platform and for defeating him you will be rewarded with a Boss Chest.
  • Scavengers - Fallen scavengers arrive at the Spawn Pod Chamber area, where Fallen and Hive are fighting against one another to take control of a Fallen treasure chest that is being guarded by two Servitors. After both of those Servitors have been dealt with, the chest will open and reward the player with a random piece of loot for their efforts.

Region Chests

  • Region Chest No. 1 - First of three of these chests can be found in a rather small maintenance room that is accessed through a U-shaped route, down alongside the Side Walkway, of which is to be found in the very southern exterior of the sector and in that room shall be the first Region Chest of the three.
  • Region Chest No. 2 - The second of three can be located within the Terminal Side Chamber, which is the lower area of the Spawn Pod Chamber and in the corner, tucked away is the 2 Region Chest.
  • Region Chest No. 3 - Last of the three can be found inside another small maintenance room, with this one being located just above ground through a dead-end path, which is located to the west of the Comms Tower 02 area. Inside that room, tucked away in another corner once again is the third and final Region Chest in this sector.

Scannable Objects

Within the expanse of the Sector Siren's Watch, there is a total of 5 different Scannable Objects to be found in the area:

  1. To the northeast of the landing pad (near where the Weapons Exchange Public Event spawns in, there is a room that can be found at ground level, wherein turn there will be a computer that can be scanned.
  2. Not far south from the same landing pad as the first is a Fallen antenna that can be scanned.
  3. Going towards the southeast corner of this Sector there is a building that looks swarmed and covered in some mysterious Hive material. Inside that building, on the ground floor, there is the third object that you can scan - in the form of a broken computer bank.
  4. Roughly towards the center of the map, there's a Hive infested building that houses the next object on the first floor, where a derelict Servitor shell is available to scan.
  5. Inside of the mess hall area, right next to Sloane's room is the last scannable object for the player.




Faction Liaison

Sloane may be found in Siren's Watch.

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