Sinking Docks

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Sinking Docks
Location Titan
Landing Zone No
Story Missions Hope
Hive Enemy Groups 5
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons None
Region Chests None
Scannable Objects 3
Connections Siren's Watch
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"None" is not a number.

Sinking Docks is a Sector in New Pacific Arcology, Titan. It is the first Sector on the planetoid that players will explore.

Points of Interest

  • Exit to Siren's Watch: The way towards Siren's Watch is through a ruined bridge on the southeast end of the Sector. Navigate it carefully and mind the gaps.
  • Rig: Poelruiter: This is the first of many half-ruined platforms players will have to navigate on Titan. It is free of any enemies, so players can simply proceed south, towards the next platform.
  • Rig: 02 Stormvogel: This is a larger platform that players have to cross in order to continue towards the opposite end of the Sector. It is also free of any enemies.
  • Pipe Platforms: The next platform is inaccessible, but the platforms below it can be used to traverse Sector without taking a dip in the methane sea below. Proceed south, then east along the pipes to get to the next area.
  • Rig: Kemphaan: For players that just land on Titan, this is the first place where they will encounter some enemies. Heading into this rig, Guardians will have to fight off the Hive forces inside. Additionally, there are a couple of scannable objects here.
  • Bay 03 (West): Jumping over from the Kemphaan rig to Bay 03, players will have to face some more Hive enemies. With them out of the way, they can proceed to the next area. If the Story Mission Hope is active, they will have to shoot a fan on the floor to make it stop and drop through there. If the mission has been completed already, there is also a side chamber players can drop through.
  • Bay 03 (South): This area will have players traversing the exterior of Bay 03. There is a scannable object nearby, as well as a Hive Wizard and some Acolytes to kill.
  • Bay 03 (East): The eastern portion of Bay 03 is overrun with some Hive enemies. It is also a Hive nest, so expect some heavy resistance. On the eastern end of this rig, players can find the Exit to Siren's Watch.

Scannable Objects

  • As you enter Kemphaan Rig from the west, immediately turn north and look for a scannable object. It will be hanging by some vertical pipes.
  • Just across the eastern exit from Kemphaan Rig, there is a tiny cargo bay by the western wall. Search it to find a scannable object.
  • Right after dropping from the big fan in Bay 03, look for a computer terminal on the exterior catwalks. It is a scannable object.


  • The first three areas players traverse (Poelruiter, Stormvogel, and the Pipe Platforms) will feature no enemies whatsoever.
  • Hive forces can be found in the area between the Kemphaan Rig and the Exit to Siren's Watch. Players should expect a solid number of Acolytes, as well as a handful of Knights, and a Wizard.