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New Pacific Arcology is a patrol zone on Titan (Location). Once one of the great cities, it now lies in ruin after the Collapse. It is now overrun with Hive.


The arcologies on Titan were set up to study the life forms that lived within the methane sea on the moon. It was a thriving part of society, with a focus on science and understanding life on Titan, but due to the collapse, they were cut short.

The Darkness caused a great tidal wave, damaging and destroying many of the arcologies on the moon. While people were attempting to escape, the Collapse began, and stopped most people from being able to escape.

During the Red War, Commander Zavala and other Guardians used the New Pacific Arcology as a base, but were overrun by Hive, and unable to defeat them due to being unable to access the Light. When the Guardian arrived and fought through to the CPU, enabling them to begin their counterattack.


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Sectors in New Pacific Arcology

SectorPatrol BeaconsChestsRegion ChestsScannable ObjectsMaterial NodesLanding ZoneConnectionsAdventuresLost SectorsPublic EventsSecret Public EventsStory MissionsStrikesWorld Quests
Arboretumfalse3truefalseSolariumSavathûn's SongEnemy of My Enemy
Chasm of ScreamsfalsefalsefalseArboretumSavathûn's Song
Festering Hallsfalse3truefalseSolariumUtopia
Sinking Docks3truefalseSiren's WatchHope
Siren's Watch7true35truetrueSinking Docks
The Rig
Thief of ThievesMethane FlushWeapons Exchange4The Captain
Solariumfalse1truefalseThe Rig
Festering Halls
The Rig9true35truetrueSiren's Watch
Tidal Anchor
Siren Song
Bad Neighbors
Cargo Bay 3
DS Quarters-2
Witches' Ritual Public Event
Weapons Exchange
High-Value Target
Fallen Incursion
Tidal Anchor0false01truefalseThe RigRiptide (Mission)