Tidal Anchor

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Tidal Anchor
Location Titan
Zone New Pacific Arcology
Landing Zone No
Story Missions Riptide (Mission)
Hive Enemy Groups 3
Chests No
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 0
Region Chests 0
Scannable Objects 1
Connections The Rig
Tidal Anchor is a Sector in New Pacific Arcology, Titan. Under normal circumstances, the Sector is partially inaccessible. It can only be accessed in full during the Riptide Story Mission.

Points of Interest

  • Hive Corridors: This series of corridors on the northern end of the Sector connects The Rig with the rest of Tidal Anchor.
  • Wave Converter Control Room: Under normal circumstances, this area will contain some Hive enemies to battle. However, with Riptide in progress, the enemies here will be Fallen.
  • Stairwell: The eastern end of the Wave Converter Control Room holds a stairwell that leads towards the rest of Tidal Anchor. Watch your step there, because falling off the Stairwell will instantly kill you.
  • Machine Corridor: In this area, players will face a Hive Wizard and some of its minions. This is the final area Guardians can explore in the Sector unless a specific mission is in progress. Under regular circumstances, the way forward will be blocked by an energy barrier.
  • Main Computer Room: This usually inaccessible area will be open to players during specific Side Missions and Patrols. Inside it, a cluster of Hive foes will have to be killed.
  • Circular Hole: East of the Machine Corridor, players can find a circular hole that will allow them to explore Tidal Anchor further. However, it can only be accessed if the Story Mission Riptide is in progress.
  • Red Deck: This exterior area will be crawling with Fallen. In order for players to advance, they will have to fight their way through the enemies.
  • Bridge to Tower 01: Crossing this bridge might be a bit of a challenge due to the number and type of enemies that await you there. Check the Riptide Walkthrough for advice on how to cross it safely.
  • Tower 01: This is the first of three towers that players will have to make their way through, in order to advance in the Story Mission.
  • Tower 02: A bridge, similar to the one that led to Tower 01, will get players to Tower 02. On the roof of this main tower, players will have to take part in the final battle of the Riptide Story Mission.
  • Converter Tower (North): Inside this tower, players will have to reset the first of two converters. This is a required objective of the Riptide Story Mission.
  • Tower 03: Go through this tower to reach the final area of the Riptide mission.
  • Converter Tower (South): This is the final area players will have to visit to complete the Riptide Story Mission. Inside it, Guardians are tasked with resetting the second converter and restore power to the main control center in the Zone.

Scannable Objects

  • There is a single scannable object in a corner, just off the entrance into the Machine Corridor.


  • Through the entire Sector, players should expect heavy Hive resistance.
  • Depending on the circumstances, players might encounter some Fallen enemies.