Riptide (Mission)

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See Riptide or Riptide (Ornament).
Riptide (Mission)
Type Story Mission
Number 7
Location Siren's Watch, Titan
Level 4
Recommended Power 50
Description Without power, Zavala's resistance has hit a wall. Travel deeper into the Arcology and help them past it.
Enemy Types Fallen, Hive
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Hope.
Previous Hope
Next Utopia
Riptide banner red.png

Riptide is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign. It begins immediately upon completion of the previous mission, Hope.


You start the mission on the landing pad in Siren's Watch - drop down and run towards the two towers connecting this area to The Rig.

Entering the new Sector, you will come across some Hive Acolytes fighting Fallen Dregs and Vandals. Eliminate them all, preferably starting with the Acolytes, and proceed.

Next up, you will come across a bridge. The Fallen are assaulting the bridge, but a new enemy, a Hive Shrieker, is keeping them at bay. Take the Fallen out and the Shrieker will focus on you. While you battle this formidable enemy, stick to cover and only show yourself when it's not shooting. Get a few shots in its glowing core, then duck to cover once more before it manages to land a hit on you. Repeat this until the Shrieker is destroyed.

With the Shrieker gone, you are free to cross the bridge and close the distance separating you from the Hive forces on the other side. There will be a Knight and a group of Acolytes to deal with, but if you have downed a Shrieker, they should not be a problem. Once you have dealt with the ground forces, head into the construction with the sunburst logo above the bridge and make your way through some Hive gunk - you will eventually cross over into Tidal Anchor.

Keep in mind that you are now entering a Restricted Zone, so tread carefully. You will come across another conflict between the Hive and the Fallen. Neutralize both sides and look out the window to see Fallen reinforcements being dropped from a ship. Prepare to ambush some Exploder Shanks and some Dregs. Shoot the Shanks first and they may damage other units around them.

Then, proceed forward and deal with the Fallen Captain in your way and his two Vandal henchmen. With them gone, access the marked console to try and restore power to the base. Unfortunately, two of the converters refused to start, so you will have to get to them and start them manually.

Move through the newly-opened door and navigate the stairwell you will reach. Then, slow down. There will be some motion-activated traps for you to deal with. It's best to shoot them from a distance. Getting close to them will activate them and you will be slowed down and damaged at the same time unless you can shoot the trap orbs out of the air before they detonate.

Once you've dealt with the traps, push on to find a Dreg and a Wretch in the next room. Eliminate them and head down the next stairwell. At the bottom of the stairwell, take out the Exploder Shanks and Dregs that you will find. Then, head into the windowed corridor. Inside, immediately turn left to find some more Fallen for you to battle.

With them dealt with, move towards the laser-filled corridor. Shoot one of the laser traps and the entire net will detonate, so make sure to do so from a distance. Then, proceed through the corridor and drop down through the circular hole you fill find. Make sure to jump just before you land to avoid the fall damage.

Once below the main rig, look for any Shanks in the distance and deal with them first. There will be some new units called Tracer Shanks as well, so watch out for sniper fire. Then, focus on the group of Dregs and the Vandal.

Moving on, step through the open hatch on your left. Ignore the worm you will come across - it's not a threat - instead, watch out for motion trap. Take it down from a safe distance and move on. Not much further, you're presented with a choice - to take the right gantry or the left one. Choose the right and fight your way forward, then turn left and take out the Tracer Shank waiting for you there.

Pressing on, you will reach a bridge with some Fallen forces on the far side. Expect some Shanks, Dregs, Vandals, and a Captain. Take out the Shanks first and make sure you do it from a distance. Otherwise, you will have to dodge their attacks up close and this could easily result in you plummeting to the methane sea below. With the Shanks gone, assault the position held by the Fallen, making the closest targets your priority.

As you reach the far side of the bridge, a group of Hive will attack the Captain if you haven't dropped him yet. Ignore the Acolytes and the Knight for now and focus on taking out the new Hive units, Cursed Thralls, instead. They will explode when near you, so keep your distance. Then, mop up the rest of the Hive you see.

Moving on, you will come across a second bridge. When you are about halfway through it, you will be ambushed by some Hive forces. Back up if you have to and keep your distance from these foes. There will be some regular and some Cursed Thralls. Make the exploding kind your priority, as their explosions can thin out the rest of the forces. Deal with any regular Thralls assaulting your position and move on to tackle a group of Acolytes and a Knight. Do you best to dodge the Acolytes' fire grenades, as they will do some damage over time.

After you make your way through Tower 02, you will come across a jumping challenge. Make sure you understand your restrictions and time your jumps correctly to avoid taking a dip in the methane below. First, leap from the roof of the covered bridge you're on towards the converter tower ahead. Then, carefully make your way up the destroyed catwalks and enter the tower. Inside, you will see that the converter is jammed by huge amounts of Hive matter. Destroy it and it will start working again.

Exit out of the top of this tower and you will see a battered cable bridge to your right. There are some dangerous-looking platforms hanging from it and leading towards the next tower. Leap across them and land at the next rig to find a Knight and a group of Acolytes. Take them out and look for the next unsafe crossing to the left of where you came from. The bridge will stop halfway, so you will have to jump up towards the catwalk, then take a right and make a couple more jumps to reach the next tower.

A group of Acolytes and a Knight will meet you there. Deal with them and head into the tower. Drop one level down and destroy the Hive matter blocking the second converter. Unfortunately, this didn't restore power, so you will have to locate a circuit breaker to reset.

Your next objective is in the center tower. Proceed one more level down and go to the exterior of the converter tower. Look to your right and you will see a ruined bridge that looks just out of your jump's reach. Fortunately, it is not, so jump up to the first platform of it and make your way forward. On the other end of it, jump to the gantry that's a little to the left and up from the bridge. Time your jumps carefully, as you can easily find yourself swimming in methane otherwise.

Head up the short stairwell and you will find some new Hive units, Wizards, and some Acolytes. Try to take out the Acolytes first and then focus on the Wizards, free of other distractions. If you find the battle a bit too hard, don't hesitate to use your Super, Power Weapon, and any other abilities, as this is the last encounter for this mission.

Then, find the console covered by Hive matter. Clear it up and flip the switch to get the power station back online, complete the mission, and be transported to Sloane's location within Siren's Watch.



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