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Type Story Mission
Number 6
Location Titan
Level 4
Recommended Power 50
Description Commander Zavala is building a resistance at a moon of Saturn. Make contact and join the fight.
Enemy Types Hive
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Combustion.
Previous Combustion
Next Riptide
Hope banner red.png

Hope is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign. Upon completion of the previous mission Combustion, this mission can be started from the Director.


You begin at the northwest extremity of Sinking Docks, a region far to the west of the New Pacific Arcology patrol zones. Your first task during this mission is to locate and secure the control center. In order to reach it, though, you will have some jumping to do between different floating platforms. Time your jumps precisely, because falling off will instantly kill you.

Once you reach the red tower and make your way through it, you will find some Hive material blocking the door. Shoot it (or destroy it with your melee attack to save some ammo) and exit the structure. Then, jump to the entrance of the adjacent rig and enter it.

Inside, as the area turns into a Restricted Zone, you will almost immediately be jumped by your first Hive threats, Thralls. Shoot them before they reach you and use melee attacks to deal with the ones that manage to avoid your bullets. The next room has another group of Thralls, so be prepared. Once you've dealt with them as well, keep moving and fight your way through the third cluster of Thralls. Once done, the Restricted Zone effect will lift - exit the rig to find yourself on a damaged catwalk.

Jump across the gaps in this platform and head inside the next rig. There, the Restricted Zone effect will apply again, and you will be introduced to the Hive Acolytes. Take care of the initial group on your level, then drop through the vent with the big fan.

Dropping to the red cargo platform, you better move fast. The longer you stay in one spot, the more Thralls will spawn in to assault your position. Your goal is to eliminate the nearby acolytes and climb the stairwell they guard to a circular door.

Once you go through the door, you will find yourself in a narrow corridor. On the far end of it is the first Hive Knight you will meet. He is backed up by some Thralls and Acolytes, so try to take care of those before you draw the Knight's attention.

Fighting the Knight is pretty straightforward. Aim for the head, let it regenerate if it so wishes, then keep shooting to effectively take down more health than it managed to regenerate. Try not to get hit by its projectiles, since they can take a good chunk of your health at this level.

With the first Knight down, proceed forward to the next area. There, you will have another Knight to deal with, as well as some Acolytes. If you can, try to clear out the Acolytes first and leave the Knight alone before you take him on.

Once the area is clear of hostiles, press on towards Siren's Watch. Once there, you will be presented with a Grenade Launcher, Penumbra GSm. Grab it, open the door marked by your objective marker, and fend off the eight Thralls that will charge your way.

Directly ahead, between a couple of metal structures, you will see the next group of enemies. Engage them, but try to do it from a distance. This way, only one of the two Knights will attack and you will split this encounter into two smaller and easier battles.

When you're done with this group of enemies, follow your objective marker to an interior area full of Hive sacs. Once there, you will be tasked with destroying these sacs, but you will also have a significant Hive resistance to worry about. Try to stick to cover and engage the enemies in small groups to avoid being overwhelmed. There will be a couple of Knights to worry about, too. The entrance you came from is your best friend, as it offers good cover and enemies will get funneled through the door, so they will be easier targets.

With the sacs and their guardians removed, go across this chamber, drop down through the hole in the floor and follow the short tunnel. You will emerge in a computer room nearby. The enemies here will be pretty neatly packed together, due to the small size of the room. That's a good opportunity for a well-placed grenade to make this fight easier.

Then, continue to the exterior once more, where you will fight another Knight and a few Acolytes. Moving on, you will return to the entrance of the Hive sac room. This time, you will have to fight your way to the command center in a relatively open area. Proceed up the metal staircase to the roof of Comm Tower 2 and clear it of any hostiles.

Then, jump across to the metal staircase left of the two orange pipes. Climb the stairs to reach another roof platform. Once there, remove the eight Acolytes and one Knight guarding the area. This will summon eight more Acolytes and Ubara, Hive Prince (an Elite Knight). Ubara can take a lot of punishment, so now would be a good time to use your Super and grenades. With him down, go to the command center door, hack it with Ghost, and go inside to conclude the mission, immediately beginning the next one, Riptide.



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