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Type Story Mission
Number 05
Location EDZ, Earth
Recommended Power 30
Description Hawthorne's waiting on the cliffs above the salt mines. Help her get the word out: we rally at the Farm.
Enemy Types Fallen
Prerequisite Completion of Adventure A New Frontier
Previous Spark
Next Hope
Combustion is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign. After completing the previous Story Mission proper Spark, this mission's flag appears in Trostland within the European Dead Zone once the player has talked to Suraya Hawthorne, visited Devrim Kay, completed the Adventure A New Frontier, returned to Devrim, and claimed a Comm Signal Booster from him. Activating the mission flag begins the mission.


You begin at the location of the mission flag. Your first move will be to make your way to the Salt Mines. The entrance is just behind the church in Trostland, and it is guarded by a group of Fallen, led by a Captain. Take them down and proceed into the mines.

Once inside, you will encounter some Vandals, Wretches and Dregs. Take them out and call the nearby elevator. You will quickly determine that it is out of order and you need another way up. Facing the elevator, there will be a large gate to the right. Open it via the panel next to it and proceed forward.

In the next area, you will have some more Fallen to deal with, including a Captain. Take them out and keep moving until you reach a large drop, picking up a free Dead Zone Rifle on the way. As you come upon the ledge, look down to discover a horde of Shanks. Pepper them from high ground and kill whatever moves down there before making a controlled drop.

Keep heading down and following the path. Almost immediately, you will come across some more Fallen to fight. Drop them and press on to a door, blocked by a laser tripwire. Shoot the tripwire's thicker end from a distance (or use a grenade) to safely detonate the trap and clear the way forward.

Once you are through the door, there will be a huge room full of more laser tripmines. Detonate or dodge them, but either way - keep moving forward. You will reach an elevator and when you try to activate it, Ghost will let you know that it has no power. At the same time, the Fallen will swarm your position.

Keep fighting the horde of enemies, including new units called Servitors and two Resilient Dregs (Resilient being the usual prefix for Fallen Elites), until Kiriks-16, a Major Servitor, appears. Deal with it with whatever means you deem necessary, then call the elevator once power returns to the area. Ride it up, go out onto the mountain containing the Salt Mines, and proceed left along the path toward Hawthorne until you trigger a cutscene and complete the mission. Once the ending cutscenes are done playing (or have been skipped), you will be returned to the mission flag's location in the European Dead Zone.



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