A New Frontier

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A New Frontier
Type Adventures
Number 01
Starting NPC Devrim Kay
Location Trostland, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 30
Description It’s not just the Red Legion in the European Dead Zone. Explore the area and see what the Fallen are up to.
Enemy Types Fallen
Bosses Skexis, Outcast Captain (Major Captain)
Prerequisite Speak to Devrim Kay upon reaching the EDZ.
Previous None
Next Calling Them Home
Items Upgrade point
A New Frontier is an Adventure in the EDZ. It is the only non-repeatable Adventure due to serving as part of the early-game tutorial sequence, and completion is required in order to unlock the ability to start the Story Mission Combustion.


Recommended Power: 30

Equipment Recommendations:

  • The Adventure will have you fighting Fallen. Arc-based weapons are recommended.


When you begin the adventure, you will have to go to the marked banner in the church and scan it with Ghost. Once you do that, your objective will update.

Follow the objective marker to the building just across the street. Clear whatever enemies you find there and open the marked chest. Then, fall back to the church and await further instructions.

Go to the marking in the church that your objective marker pinpoints. The marking is one that signifies the presence of a Lost Sector. Remember it, as it will be present all over the game world. Once your objective updates, jump through the nearby hatch and push forward to the Atrium.

This subterranean structure is guarded by a lot of Fallen, some of them Vandals and Shanks (new enemy types at this point in the game); as well, many explosive barrels are scattered about the structure. Deal with the regular foes without using your special abilities or Power Weapon, as you will need them both.

Once you clear the area, move forward. You will come across another horde of Fallen and the Champion of the Lost Sector, a Major Captain called Skexis, Outcast Captain. Destroy his minions first, then focus on the Captain. Once he's down, Ghost will receive a keycode that you will use to unlock and open the chest in the center of this area. This will end the Adventure, giving you enough experience to reach Level 3.