Calling Them Home

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Calling Them Home
Type Adventures
Number 02
Starting NPC Devrim Kay
Location Trostland, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 20
Description Hawthorne is broadcasting a message from the Farm to guide refugees there. Help her amplify it to reach the entire region.
Enemy Types Fallen
Bosses Nokvis
Prerequisite Speak to Devrim Kay after completing A New Frontier.
Previous A New Frontier
Next Poor Reception
Items Upgrade point
Calling Them Home is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 20

Equipment Recommendations:

  • The Adventure will have you fighting Fallen. Arc-based weapons are recommended.


Beginning the Adventure, you will be tasked with dropping some signal amplifiers around the EDZ. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it sounds and there will be quite a lot of fighting involved.

Follow your objective marker and place the first signal amplifier at the designated spot. This will draw some Fallen to your location, so be ready to fight them off. These will include four Zealous Vandals that you have to neutralize to proceed. There will be regular enemies around too, but they are not mandatory to eliminate.

Once you've dealt with the ambush, follow your objective marker once more. It will lead you out of Trostland and into Outskirts. Go to the marked spot and place another amplifier. However, something seems to be jamming the signal. Go to the indicated building, fight your way through it and destroy the jamming device in the back room. Then, search nearby buildings for more jammers of the same kind.

Keep in mind that around the location of the second jammer, an Arsenal Walker Public Event may occur, so you will have to either dodge that or deal with it somehow.

Once you've destroyed three jammers, your objective will update. The next location you need to go to is Sojourner's Camp. It will be full of Fallen, so make sure you eliminate all hostiles in the area.

When there are no enemies in your immediate surroundings, go to the marked spot and place the third amplifier. This will attract a huge amount of Fallen to your location, so prepare accordingly. Also, keep in mind that planting the last signal booster will turn Sojourner's Camp into a Restricted Zone.

You will have to fight several massive waves of Fallen, but try to save your Super for the final one. One of the enemies to arrive with the last wave will be a significantly toughened Captain that you will have to deal with. Try to clear the area of lesser foes before engaging the Captain. Also, keep your distance and blast his shields with Arc damage before you chip away at his health.

Clearing the area of the final wave of enemies will complete the Adventure.