Poor Reception

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Poor Reception
Type Adventures
Number 03
Location Outskirts, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 20
Description The Fallen are trying to block all communications in the EDZ. Find the source of the interference, and shut it down.
Enemy Types Fallen
Bosses Graxus
Prerequisite Completion of A New Frontier.
Previous Calling Them Home
Next A Frame Job
Equipment Triumph DX-PR, Common Gear
Poor Reception is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 20

Equipment Recommendations:

  • The Adventure will have you fighting Fallen. Arc-based weapons are recommended.
  • Having at least one mid- to long-range weapon is recommended.


When you begin this Adventure, your first order of business is to investigate what's causing the interference. Look around for a Shank to kill and collect the core it will drop.

Your Ghost will investigate the core and your objective will update. Follow the objective marker to the location of an antenna. Once there, prepare to stand your ground against waves of Fallen. Your Ghost will interact with the antenna and it will be your job to keep enemies away from it. Progress will be halted if you move too far away from that spot or if Fallen enter the small clearance you're standing in, so make sure to stay in the vicinity of the antenna and drop enemies before they come close.

Once the progress reaches 100%, Ghost will return to you and your objective will update. Follow the marker once more to the Scavenger's Den Lost Sector to continue the Adventure.

The first cavern you will come across will be full of Fallen. There will be Dregs, Vandals, Shanks, and Marauders. Clear these lesser foes to make a Captain spawn. Killing it will drop the energy barrier that's blocking the way forward.

The next area will be pretty much the same in terms of enemies, but it will be much smaller. Try not to get swarmed as you clear it the same way as the first one. Neutralize lesser targets, then focus on the Captain when it spawns.

Next up, you will be presented with a boss fight, so plan accordingly. Equip your best Arc-based weapon, since you will have to go through a Fallen shield. Also, if you have used your grenades, wait for them to recharge, as you might need them.

The final cavern houses the local boss, Graxus, Blind Captain (a Major Captain). He will have some backup with him, so try to eliminate the regular enemies first. This will allow you to focus on the boss with no distractions.

Once you have dealt with the rest of the Fallen, focus your Arc-based weapon's fire on Graxus to bring his shield down. Then, keep firing with your Kinetic weapon. If you so wish, you can use a Super, a Power Weapon, or some grenades to finish the fight quicker.

Once Graxus drops, the Adventure will conclude and you will be awarded with a key code for the nearby Lost Sector chest. Collect your loot and make your way out.