A Frame Job

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A Frame Job
Type Adventures
Number 04
Location Trostland, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 20
Description Travel deep into enemy territory, ambush the Red Legion, and trick them into retaliating against the Fallen.
Enemy Types Fallen, Cabal
Bosses Commander Druusk
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Combustion.
Previous Poor Reception
Next Dark Alliance
Equipment Gareth-C, Common Gear
A Frame Job is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 40

Equipment Recommendations:

  • The Adventure will have you fighting both Fallen and Cabal. Arc-based weapons can be useful until the final encounter when a Solar weapon is recommended.
  • Having at least one mid- to long-range weapon is recommended.


At the start of the adventure, you will have to hack into the Fallen's systems. Follow your objective marker to a nearby building, eliminate any threats, and interact with the terminal you will find there.

Your objective will update and now you will have to get six voice distortion modules. Just outside the building you are in, there will be plenty of Fallen. Drop six of them and collect the modules they will drop. Neutralize whatever other Fallen have engaged you, then head for the Salt Mines.

As you enter the Salt Mines, there will be some enemies to deal with. Neutralize them and push forward towards the dig site. Once there, be mindful of the laser tripmines. Dodge or detonate them, then head deeper into the dig site and look for the walkway up and to the left. Fighting from there will provide you with some tactical advantage since you will have both the high ground and plenty of cover to utilize.

Eliminate the enemies in the area, then drop back down to the marked spot. Initiate a scan of the cavern and wait for it to finish before following your objective marker to the ambush site.

Once you reach the ambush site, clear it of any Fallen forces you encounter. There should be some Dregs and Vandals, as well as a single Captain. Then, climb the marked rock and get ready to meet the Cabal in battle. Now would be a good time to equip a Solar weapon.

Once you have selected your desired loadout, scan the area and traps from the dig site will be relocated to your immediate surroundings. At this moment, the area will become a Restricted Zone.

During the next phase of the Adventure, stay on the rock, so you don't trip over your own traps. You can move to the side to use the rock as cover.

Shortly after the traps are set, the first wave of Cabal will arrive. Take cover behind the boulder you're on and let them trip over your traps. This should eliminate the bulk of them, so you will only have to wipe out the remaining forces. If foes don't trip on the lasers, you can shoot an explosive barrel to trigger the traps around it and deal huge area-of-effect damage to the charging Cabal.

Repeat this twice more, as two more waves will spawn. Keep in mind that the final one will be lead by the Adventure's boss - Commander Druusk. While it is possible for him to be eliminated by the traps, it's also highly likely for him to survive the explosions, so be ready to fight him. Dealing Solar damage can be essential here.

Wiping out the third wave of Cabal will complete the Adventure and you will receive your reward.