Salt Mines

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Salt Mines
Location Earth
Zone EDZ
Landing Zone No
Story Missions Combustion
Fallen Enemy Groups 3
Chests No
Material Nodes No
Patrol Beacons None
Region Chests None
Scannable Objects 3
Connections Trostland
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"None" is not a number.

Salt Mines is a partially inaccessible Sector in EDZ, Earth.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to Trostland: The exit to Trostland can be found on the southern end of the Salt Mines. Watch out for the cluster of Fallen near the exit.
  • Outer Depot: This chamber directly north from the entrance will feature a cluster of Fallen enemies, as well as a broken-down elevator, a Transmat, and a scannable object.
  • Transmat: Once players complete the Story Mission Combustion, this Transmat will become accessible. It will teleport players to a grassy area on top of the Salt Mines.
  • Inner Yard: This area consists of a tunnel running from the Outer Depot towards other areas in the Salt Mines. It features a group of Taken on the east end.
  • Tunnel: Drop down from the Inner Yard to find a scannable object below. Unless the Story Mission Combustion is active, progress deeper into the Salt Mines will be blocked by an energy barrier.
  • Sinkhole: This sinkhole has no other purpose but to lead further down into the Salt Mines. However, it can only be accessed during the Combustion mission.
  • Laser Trap Tunnel: This tunnel right after the Sinkhole area is completely dominated by laser tripmines. Take your time crossing it or risk getting blown up.
  • Main Quarry: During the Combustion mission, this area will feature several Servitor enemies, as well as their regular Fallen backup.
  • Elevator to Grassy Cliff: This elevator on the northern end of the Main QUarry will take players to the Grassy Cliff area above the Salt Mines.
  • Grassy Cliff: This area on top of the Salt Mines will have an important role during the Adventure A Frame Job, but serves little purpose past that.

Scannable Objects

  • On the northwestern end of the Outer Depot, there is a Fallen banner. It is a scannable object.
  • In the Inner Yard's northeast corner, there is a scannable object.
  • Before dropping down from the Inner Yard, look for a rusty gantry platform halfway down. On it, there is a scannable object.