Dark Alliance

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Dark Alliance
Type Adventures
Number 05
Location The Sludge, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 160
Description Red Legion Psions are meddling with forces best left alone. Investigate their connection to dark forces in the region.
Enemy Types Cabal
Bosses Prusk
Prerequisite Talk to Hawthorne after completing Story Mission Fury.
Previous A Frame Job
Next Reverse the Polarity
Equipment Requiem-43, Rare Gear
Dark Alliance is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 160

Equipment Recommendations:

  • You will be fighting a lot of Cabal forces. Solar damage is a priority.
  • One mid- to long-range weapon is recommended.


Your first task for this adventure will be to neutralize three Psionically-Enhanced Centurions. THey will have Bonded Psions for backup which will make them invulnerable. Drop the Bonded Psions first, then use a Solar-based weapon to deal with the Centurions' shields. Once the shields are down, just blast them with whatever will kill them the fastest.

Keep in mind that sometimes, new Bonded Psions will spawn. You can tell this has happened by the color of the Centurion shields. If they change from orange to white, then you have some new Psions to deal with before you can fight the Centurions.

Keep in mind that you will come across a lot of random Cabal forces during this Adventure. However, the ones that actually count towards your progress will carry an objective marker. Once all three Centurions have been found and neutralized, follow your objective marker into The Dark Forest. Then, enter the portal to advance.

Once you arrive on the other side, there will be two more Centurions with Corrupted Bonded Psions backing them up. The difference with the regular Bondend Psions is that this variation comes with some extra armor. Employ the same tactics and eliminate the Psions, then focus on the Centurions. Keep in mind that the Corrupted Bonded Psions will spawn Taken Blights upon death.

Once the area is clear, proceed through a second portal. On the other side, you will come across a greater Cabal presence. Fight your way forward, but try to save all abilities and Power Ammo for later.

After clearing a way through the Legionaries, you will have to deal with something even worse than a Psionically-Enhanced Centurion: a Psionically-Enhanced Colossus called Prusk, The Unequaled Maul, who is this Adventure's boss. Keep in mind that when you get close to him, your immediate surroundings will become a Restricted Zone. Get rid of any Bonded Psions, then focus your fire on the Centurion. He will be carrying a Cabal Slug Launcher and employing slowing missiles, so make use of all available cover and be light on your feet if you want to survive the encounter.

Don't waste any time between killing the last Bonded Psion and damaging Prusk. Soon he will summon more Psions that will make him invulnerable, so you want to use your time efficiently and deal as much damage as possible during this short window. If you want to, make use of your Power weapon, Super ability, and grenades.

Killing this Colossus completes the Adventure and you will receive your reward.