Suraya Hawthorne

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Suraya Hawthorne
Suraya Hawthorne.PNG
Name Suraya Hawthorne
Title Clan Steward
Race Human
Gender Female
Location The Tower
Description Once a wanderer beyond the City, Suraya Hawthorne now acts as a liason between humanity and the Guardians.

Suraya Hawthrone is an NPC and Vendor, whom can be located in two different locations throughout the game; available in both The Farm and The Tower. This Vendor is the one that typically deals with the rewards aspect of the Clans area of the game. A Luminous Engram is what awaits any players that have met their weekly quota for the personal contribution towards the Clan.


Found within two different locations, Suraya Hawthorne can be found both before and after completing the game for the very first time:

  • The Farm – Can be located in the area, after encountering her for the very first time.
  • The Tower – Upon completion of the game, she can be found in the Tower's Bazaar section, in between Ikora Rey and Executor Hideo.


Characters that fulfill their weekly personal Clan experience contribution and/or are part of a Clan that has earned at least one weekly Clan engram in the current week can claim their rewards, Luminous Engrams, from Suraya Hawthorne.

The loot that can be dropped from Luminous Engrams varies a fair amount and there’s no set loot-pool in regards to these Engrams.

Vendor Goods

Regardless of where Suraya Hawthorne is currently located, she will sell a weapon and three pieces of armor with rarity depending on the current Power Level of the character: Common for Power Level below 50(?) and Uncommon for Power Level above 50 (note: Uncommon-rarity gear is limited to a maximum Power Level of 200).