A Single Thread

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A Single Thread
A single thread icon1.png
Season 17
Type Quest
Rarity Legendary
Steps 2
Vendors Suraya Hawthorne
Rewards Duality Access

A Single Thread is a Legendary Quest.

Access to this quest requires ownership of The Witch Queen Dungeon Key.

Interaction: Suraya Hawthorne

A Single Thread
Hawthorne turns to you with a serious look in her eyes. She passes a datapad to you containing schematics of the Leviathan and transmat beacon details for the Leviathan's Tribute Hall.

"Eris is up to something," Hawthorne says with a tightness in her voice. "She won't say what, and she asked me to relay this to you, personally, ignoring Vanguard protocol."

She continues with a sigh. "I don't like going around Ikora, but whatever this is… it sounds urgent. I don't know Eris well, but I trust her judgment. If we have to break protocol to get something done, so be it. You should go see what this is all about."

Launch the "Duality" dungeon from the Moon in the Director.

A single thread icon1.png A Single Thread

1. A Single Thread


Complete the dungeon "Duality."

Dive into the depths of the exiled emperor's mind in search of dark secrets.


"Duality" completed: 1

2. A Single Thread


Return to Hawthorne in the Tower Bazaar.

Hawthorne wants to talk to you about what happened aboard the Leviathan.


Unspecified Goal: 1

Interaction: Suraya Hawthorne

A Single Thread
"A mind heist?" Hawthorne says with a laugh, shaking her head. "Only you, Guardian. Only you."

She turns to look out over the City for a moment, then up to the sky. "I'm glad you helped Eris out, but Ikora found out about everything. You can't keep much from her Hidden. I hear she's authorizing future dives into the Mindscape…"

Hawthorne turns back to you. "Hopefully, Eris got what she was looking for. Because it sounds like you two opened a door that should have stayed closed."