Nation of Beasts

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Nation of Beasts
Nation of beasts icon1.jpg
Season 21
Type Hand Cannon
Slot Energy
Ammo Primary
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Arc
Foundry ?????
Archetype ?????
Description I can show you how we were in our prime. You need only ask, o student mine.
Impact 84
Range 40
Stability 57
Handling 42
Reload Speed 45
Rounds Per Minute 140
Magazine 10
Zoom 14
Inventory Size 51
Aim Assistance 71
Airborne Effectiveness 10
Recoil 95
Weapon Pattern Legendary icon.jpg Weapon Pattern
Completing Deepsight Resonance extractions on this weapon will unlock its Pattern.
Resonant Elements Extract icon.jpg Deepsight Resonance
Extractions required to unlock: 5
Last Wish Raid]]
Nation of Beasts PvP Stats
Nation of Beasts is a Legendary Hand Cannon.

Perks - Curated Roll


How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire Nation of Beasts



We have so much to discuss, o seeker mine.

Nadiya sipped her tea, calm and collected. Shinobu sat back, looking perplexed. "Really, the entire summer?"

The serpent that claimed to look like her mother sat across from the two of them, smiling broadly. "Why would I lie? I'm telling you, the whole summer you wore that dress. We had to tackle you to get the thing off of you, get you to bathe."

The serpent plucked the dainty cup from the white saucer and set it to her lips before continuing. "Your brother called you stinkbug for years. Until… you know."

Nadiya reached over and took the other Hunter's hand in her own. "It would lie because it's fulfilling your wish, Nobu."

Shinobu searched the serpent's face. Her mother just smiled again, all teeth and secrets. Shinobu felt tears at the corners of her eyes. Her voice was barely a whisper. "Okay. Now."

The burst from the pulse rifle was loud, and Nadiya pulled the trigger again and again and again.


Nation of Beasts1.jpg

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