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Commendations are a system added in the Season of Defiance. They allow players to show appreciation to each other after completing activities together. They also act as a representation of a player's good behavior within the game.


Commendations can be given at the end of an activity through the mission summary screen. Each player is given a set of commendation cards, with the available types of cards depending on the activity. A player can commend another player by selecting them and then choosing a card to give. Players can only give one of each available card per activity, and can only commend a specific player once per activity. If a player has left the activity, they cannot be commended. The mission summary screen also cannot be accessed again if the player leaves the activity, or if the next activity begins.

Commendations are separated into four categories, each represented by a playing card suit and a color:

  • Ally, represented by Hearts in green;
  • Mastery, represented by Clubs in yellow;
  • Fun, represented by Spades in red;
  • Leadership, represented by Diamonds in blue.

The player's Commendations score can be seen in the Journey menu tab. The Commendations sub-screen also displays the amount of each card that the player has received, with a bar showing the percentage that each category makes up out of the total. The total amount of Commendations sent and received is also listed.

Some Guardian Ranks objectives require the player to commend other players (sometimes in specific types of activities), or require the player to reach a certain Commendations score by receiving cards from other players.


Commendations Ally icon.png Ally

Icon Name Description Availability
Commendations Indispensable icon.png Indispensable Essential to the team's success.
  • All Non-matchmade Higher Difficulty Activities
Commendations Selfless icon.png Selfless Put the needs of others above self and left no one behind.
Commendations Thoughtful icon.png Thoughtful Considerate, Kind, and Helpful
Commendations Patient icon.png Patient and Considerate Grounded the team with fortitude and compassion.

Commendations Mastery icon.png Mastery

Icon Name Description Availability
Commendations Playmaker icon.png Playmaker Led the offense for the team.
Commendations Primeval Instinct icon.png Primeval Instinct Led the offense for the team.
Commendations Heroic icon.png Heroic Showcased courage in the face of danger and pushed the team to success.
Commendations Pacesetter icon.png Pacesetter Key strategist, communicated well, and rallied the team together.

Commendations Fun icon.png Fun

Icon Name Description Availability
Commendations Joy Bringer icon.png Joy Bringer Enriched the game with their presence.
Commendations Level-headed icon.png Level-headed Kept it cool despite how intense things were.
Commendations Saint's Favorite icon.png Saint's Favorite Put the needs of others above self and left no one behind.
Commendations Best Dressed icon.png Best Dressed Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Commendations Leadership icon.png Leadership

Icon Name Description Availability
Commendations Perceptive icon.png Perceptive Strong situational awareness and observant of the team's needs.
Commendations Knowledgeable icon.png Knowledgeable Seasoned and well-informed of the activity, equipment, and classes of Destiny 2.


  • On the mission summary screen, all players are shown wielding a Khvostov 7g-02 icon1.jpg Khvostov 7G-02 Auto Rifle, rather than one of the weapons they have equipped. The developers have said that the Khvostov was chosen as a "default weapon" for situations like this to avoid visual bugs.[1]

Patch History

    • Added the Best Dressed Commendation.


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