Nightmare Hunts

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Nightmare Hunts are Strike-like short missions introduced in Shadowkeep.


Nightmare Hunts are unlocked by completing the Shadowkeep campaign. All of them can be launched from the Moon map, but only three out of eight are available each week. There are four difficulty levels, which determine the recommended Power Level and strength of the enemies, and add Champions and modifiers.

In each Hunt players fight through several groups of enemies on their way to a boss. The boss goes immune when dropped to a certain health value, and most of the time the players have to kill the Nightmare adds to be able to damage the boss again. While Nightmare Hunts use a score system and announce rewards for the amount of defeated Champions, there are no special rewards.

By defeating the boss, each player receives an Essence quest, which can be completed to obtain a piece of gear. It is also possible to receive Nightmare Mods and Rare gear as a reward.


The difficulties are roughly the same as in Nightfall: the Ordeal:

  • Adept — Show them the meaning of strength.
    • Matchmaking: ON;
    • Recommended Power: 860;
    • Modifiers: 1;
  • Hero — Be the hero you were born to be.
    • Matchmaking: ON;
    • Recommended Power: 970;
    • Modifiers: 4;
  • Legend — Become legend.
    • Matchmaking: OFF;
    • Recommended Power: 1000;
    • Modifiers: 6;
  • Master — Masterful, like everything you do.
    • Matchmaking: OFF;
    • Recommended Power: 1030;
    • Modifiers: 8.


Nightmare Hunts
Nightmare Hunt Anguish banner.png Name: Nightmare Hunt: Anguish
Essence: Essence of Anguish
Boss: Nightmare of Omnigul, Will of Crota (Wizard)
Enemies: Hive
Nightmare Hunt Despair banner.png Name: Nightmare Hunt: Despair
Essence: Essence of Despair
Boss: Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx (Knight)
Enemies: Hive
Nightmare Hunt Fear banner.png Name: Nightmare Hunt: Fear
Essence: Essence of Fear
Boss: Nightmare of Phogoth, the Untamed (Ogre)
Enemies: Hive
Nightmare Hunt Insanity banner.png Name: Nightmare Hunt: Insanity
Essence: Essence of Insanity
Boss: Nightmare of the Fanatic (Chieftain)
Enemies: Hive, Scorn
Nightmare Hunt Isolation banner.png Name: Nightmare Hunt: Isolation
Essence: Essence of Isolation
Boss: Nightmare of Taniks, the Scarred (Captain)
Enemies: Hive, Fallen
Nightmare Hunt Pride banner.png Name: Nightmare Hunt: Pride
Essence: Essence of Pride
Boss: Nightmare of Skolas, Kell of Kells (Captain)
Enemies: Hive, Fallen
Nightmare Hunt Rage banner.png Name: Nightmare Hunt: Rage
Essence: Essence of Rage
Boss: Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul (Centurion)
Enemies: Hive, Cabal
Nightmare Hunt Servitude banner.png Name: Nightmare Hunt: Servitude
Essence: Essence of Servitude
Boss: Nightmare of Zydron, Gate Lord (Minotaur)
Enemies: Hive, Vex