The Dark Forest

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The Dark Forest
Location Earth
Zone EDZ
Landing Zone No
Story Missions Spark
Lost Sectors None
Chests No
Material Nodes No
Patrol Beacons None
Region Chests None
Scannable Objects None
Connections The Sludge
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The Dark Forest is an unaccessible Sector in EDZ, Earth. It can only be accessed during the Story Mission Spark and the side missions that award players with their additional sub-classes later on in the game.

Points of Interest

  • Pool Portal: Heading into the area, players will have to follow a narrow passage into the woods until they come across a small pool of water with a portal in its center.
  • Lake Portal: After exiting the first portal, players must continue to make their way through the forest (and any enemies they encounter) until they reach a shallow lake with a second portal.
  • Railroad Portal: After stepping through the Lake Portal, players will find themselves at a railroad. Following it forward and dealing with any enemies in the way will eventually lead them to a third portal.
  • Traveler's Shard: Here, players must connect with the Traveler's Shard. Then, they will be presented with some enemies to defeat before making their way out of the Sector.


  • Depending on the currently-active missions, different enemies will spawn. During the first visit, players will have to deal with hostile Fallen. Any consecutive visit will pit the Guardians against Taken forces.

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